10 suggestions from Philip Kotler to get your message across to the people who do wish to purchase from you


    10 tips from Philip Kotler to get your message across to the individuals who do wish to purchase from you

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    Philip Kotler is recognized worldwide as the dad of modern marketing, thanks to his model of the 4Ps: Product, Location, Rate and Promotion. Today he tells us what to contribute to this model to be successful in the age of e- commerce.

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    1. Battle for the customization of your message. Ideal marketing is when you message the best person at the correct time and in the best location.

    2. Do not rely on traditional methods. With the mass media, your ad will reach millions of people, however you will not understand for sure if one of them is actually going to purchase from you.

    3. Usage social listening. Facebook is not going to inform you what a person is like, however they are interested. Usage that data to create the best message.

    4. Tidy up your communication technique. Digital platforms help you section your content so that it reaches those who do wish to hear it. Do not interrupt others.

    5. Identify and talk to your ideal customer. It is the consumer who wants your ads to be an everyday part of their life.

    6. Make your customers your ambassadors. Please the shopping experience in such a way that the user is so pleased with your proposal that they inform others about you.

    7. Your workers are your influencers. Unhappy employees will badmouth your brand name and treat your customers improperly.

    8. Make your product offering uncommon. Ensure your shopping experience is different and give the user an experience that they will keep in mind with enjoyment.

    9. Take note of information. Simple things like offering apples in your store make the purchaser feel special.

    10. Think about how you can complete your deal. Bear in mind that you are not only offering a service or product, but an experience that must be memorable.

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