Home Celebrity 10 Vegan Meal Delivery Services 2022 — Plant-Based Food Delivery

10 Vegan Meal Delivery Services 2022 — Plant-Based Food Delivery

10 Vegan Meal Delivery Services 2022 — Plant-Based Food Delivery

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Between food allergies, animal ethics, environmental concerns, and just wanting to eat a little more greens, there are *so* many reasons why you might choose to follow a plant-based diet. And we respect all of them! Real ones know that eating vegan doesn’t just look like tofu and broccoli 24/7—plant-based meals can be soooo delicious and flavorful, especially if you know how to prepare them right. And for those that don’t? There’s always delivery. (Just ask my bank account.)

Whether you’re new to the vegan diet or are a long-time follower without the time or energy to prepare yummy plant-based meals for yourself, there’s a vegan food delivery service for you, I promise. Believe it or not, the market is saturated with companies designed to make your life easier by sending healthy pre-made vegan meals—or ready-to-assemble meal kits—straight to your front door, so you can skip the trip to the grocery store (and your dreaded Sunday night meal prep) altogether. You just have to find the right one for you and your busy lifestyle, bb.

Lucky for you, I did the research myself, and rounded up 10 of the best vegan meal delivery services below. Scroll through to learn more about the different popular meal-delivery brands and all the meals they have to offer—with distinctions based on price, where they deliver, and what you get for your $$. Sorry not sorry if you leave this article hungry!

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Best all-organic option



Best for ~experienced~ home chefs



Best for Supporting Local Chefs

Territory Foods


Best Bank for Your Buck

Mosaic Foods


Best for grab-and-go meals

Splendid Spoon


Best chef-prepared meals



Best for big-city folks

Provenance Meals


Best for those who like surprises

Fresh N Lean


Best for cooking for a crowd

Purple Carrot

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