Home Celebrity 13 Best Vaccine Card Holders 2022 — Best Vaccine Card Protectors for Travelers

13 Best Vaccine Card Holders 2022 — Best Vaccine Card Protectors for Travelers

13 Best Vaccine Card Holders 2022 — Best Vaccine Card Protectors for Travelers

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It probably feels like it’s been forever since you got vaxxed, but that little CDC card is still important — especially if you’ve got vacation plans on the horizon. While many countries have relaxed their entry requirements around COVID-19, there are still some that require you to show proof of vaccination before they’ll let you in. So having your vaccination card is basically as important as having your passport when you’re traveling to a place with these requirements. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some vaccine card holders that are perfect for travel.

Even if you’re traveling domestically, or to a country that doesn’t explicitly require proof of vaccination, it’s still a good idea to have your card handy. You never know when a concert venue, museum, bar, or other locale will ask to see proof that you’re vaxxed. Luckily, these vaccine card holders are actually cute. There are so many colors and styles available, from minimalist clear holders to wallets that hold your vaccine card, passport, credit cards, and more. Some of them even have little clips that you can attach to a lanyard or loop in your bag, so you always know where it is.

These card holders make it easy to have your vaccine card handy no matter where you’re going, whether it’s halfway across the world or just across the street.

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This must-have vaccine card holder for travelers

Zoppen Passport and Vaccine Card Holder Combo


This vaccine card holder for international travel

Cnycmy Passport Holder and Vaccine Card Holder


this bright style

Uncommon Goods Vaccine Card Case


this one made of real leather

Royce Leather Vaccine Card Holder


these vibe-y ones

WillunaDesigns Vaccination Card Protector


this one with a lanyard

ZIAKEAU Vaccine Card Protector With Keychain Lanyard


this one that also holds a passport

Passport and Vaccine Card Holder


this cheery one

RhinoParade Vaccination Card Cover


this marble star

Zekkahome Vaccination Card Protector


this one with a pretty chain

Pretty Connected Kesha X PC Strap With Vax Case + Chain


this one with a zipper

Vaccine Card Holders Holographic Vinyl


this adorable one

YaYNovelty Vaccination Card Holder


this waterproof one

Cobakuey CDC Covid Vaccination Card Protector

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