13 Delicious Leftover Turkey Recipes & Ideas: From Soups to Enchiladas


    13 Delicious Leftover Turkey Recipes & Ideas: From Soups to Enchiladas

    Thanksgiving is a time to reveal gratitude with household, friends, and most significantly, food.But once the guests have left and the table has been cleared, many homes may be faced with large amounts of turkey and numerous side meals still requiring to be eaten.Fortunately, there are various tasty recipes out there to use

    up your turkey leftovers, from the notorious Friends sandwich to wonderful spring rolls.< figure class= "block block-ibtg-article fA” data-gtm-category= “Associated In-Text A” data-gtm-action=” Click” > 1. Turkey Quesadilla Tierraal Diggins’ recipe is

    for an amazing Mexican take for any remaining turkey.Start with tortillas

    , Thanksgiving turkey, shredded cheese, in addition to the spices, salt, Cajun spices and

    black pepper.Next, place a generous amount of these active ingredients on half a tortilla, fold it over and location in a hot and dry frying pan.Then cook for a number of minutes on each side, taking care to ensure they do not burn, prior to serving when

    the cheese has noticeably melted.2. Moist Maker Sandwich One of the most renowned scenes from Friends finds Ross obsessing over Monica’s Thanksgiving leftover sandwich

    , featuring gravy-soaked bread in the center.Jamie Milne has now required to TikTok to recreate among television’s most renowned bread-based snack.After toasting 2 pieces of bread, spread herb butter to a piece of bread, which will sit at the bottom,

    followed by mashed potatoes and remaining turkey.Next, soak a third, toasted, piece of bread in gravy and set

    it on top. Then add cranberry sauce, packing and spinach.Finally, spread yet more herb butter to the leading piece of bread and add to the sandwich, before slicing and serving.3.

    Turkey Shepherd’s Pie Crista Santos swears by this Thanksgiving leftover home cooking, particularly when consumed on a cold night.She positions a generous quantity of remaining vegetables and diced meat into a foil pie base and includes sufficient gravy to freely cover the ingredients.Next, put any leftover stuffing on top

    , before spreading out cold mashed potatoes and heating in an oven at 350F (180C ).4. Turkey Spring Rolls With Cranberry Peanut

    Sauce Chef Brenda describes this ingenious twist to the Thanksgiving leftover canon as a” rewarding meal.” For the sauce, mix peanut butter, chilli garlic dressing, hoisin sauce, fish sauce and a generous spoonful of cranberry to taste.Now stack a quantity of assorted Thanksgiving

    turkey leftovers, plus rushed eggs and spinach, on a platter.Rice paper sheets ought to then be quickly soaked in warm water and laid on a plate, prior to you begin to put together the spring rolls, with chef Brenda lining up all the components vertically, near the leading.5. Turkey Enchiladas Alexa’s technique of repurposing remaining lunch is as easy to make as it is reportedly healthy.To start, soften one onion, garlic and one or two jalapeños in a fry pan, before including 3 cups of shredded turkey meat.Next, blend one

    can of rinsed and drained pipes black beans, two cups of Monterey Jack cheese and a little lime juice in a bowl.Once all the components are combined and mixed, utilize this to fill eight tortillas, which when rolled,

    are packed into an oven

    dish, soaked with enchilada sauce, topped with additional cheese and baked.6. Turkey Salad Brittany suggests this technique of producing a slightly lighter method of utilizing remaining bird, which she frequently delights in for lunch.She adds to a bowl turkey, red onion, celery, dried cranberries and a generous dollop of mayonnaise.Then lemon juice, salt and pepper, mustard and chopped almonds are all included to the mix, which need to then simply be stirred well.She recommends this can be served in a sandwich, on a bed of lettuce or perhaps with crackers.7. Cheesy Turkey Croquets Shay Spence suggests

    slicing up remaining turkey and mixing this with potato.He then

    sets up a” breading station”, including a bowl of beaten egg, another of flour and a 3rd of experienced breadcrumbs.Now take a handful of the potato-turkey mix,

    with an included piece of cheese place in the center, prior to cleaning with flour, dipping in the egg and finally the

    crumbs.These balls ought to then be employed the fridge before they can be fried in a pot of neutral oil.8. Turkey Pot Pie Liz Capi advises utilizing any turkey remaining from November 25 to produce a wholesome dinner the next day.She begins by making a volute sauce with a knob of

    butter, before including chopped

    celery, carrot and onion.Next, include half a cup of flour, three cups of chicken stock, cook to a

    boil then present half a cup of peas, corn, seasoning and remaining turkey.Once this mixture has cooled, spoon into a pie dish lined egg-washed

    pastry, and include a pastry cover somewhat slashed to allow air to get away, and bake for 30 minutes.9. Turkey Pho Christy Nguyễn believes this recipe avoids any

    Thanksgiving food wastage.She begins by shredding all the meat from the bones and contributing to a pan filled with

    roughly 1 liter of

    water to make a broth.To this include an onion, a piece of ginger, sugar, star anise and chicken soup base powder.Fresh pho noodles just require to be immersed in hot water for 15 seconds prior to they go limp and these need to be drained, moved to a bowl, before including turkey, and the now-ready soup.Finally, include some chopped spring onions, cilantro, beans sprouts and a capture of lime before serving.10. Filipino Turkey Sopas This Filipino recipe is a creative technique of utilizing up leftover turkey.Melt a knob of butter and add onions and garlic, then sauce for approximately 3 minutes prior to including carrots and celery.Add salt and pepper to taste, before

    including turkey broth, which can be made yourself, by boiling the bird’s bones for roughly one hour.Skim away any residue which might increase to the surface, then include the meat and a scattering of chicken bouillon.In a different pot, boil some macaroni, which will avoid the pasta from taking in an excess of soup.Then add the macaroni, a can of evaporated milk, some cabbage and

    season with fish sauce.11. Velvety Wild Rice and Turkey Soup This dish assures to make a balanced meal in a single pot, to minimize any excessive cleaning up later.Begin with a large selection of fresh seasonal vegetables, with the chef on this celebration including onion, carrot, celery and mushrooms.Once softened, wild rice is presented to the pot and after that some quality chicken stock.Turkey leftovers is then stirred in when the rice is almost prepared, then add some cream, fresh spinach before serving.12.

    Yorkshire Wrap This recipe by Grace Keen is a distinctively British take on the predicament over what to do with amounts of turkey.Start by including a good glue of

    olive oil to a dish and permitting it to warm in a 200C oven.While this is heating, mix 230g of plain flour, threes eggs, a teaspoon of baking powder, some salt and pepper and then, very gradually, stir in 300ml of milk.Once this batter is nice and smooth, add this to the

    meal of hot oil and bake for around thirty minutes, or till golden.Slice the resulting Yorkshire pudding in half and

    add any Thanksgiving leftovers of your choice.13. Thanksgiving Leftover Eggs Benedict Shay Spence

    explains his meal as” the best thing to do

    with Thanksgiving leftovers.” The chef begins with cold remaining packing compressed adequately so they can be

    cut out to form patties.Next include these to a frying pan lined with sizzling butter, with some pieces of turkey nestled alongside quickly afterwards.Once the parries and

    meat are caramelized, remove from the pan, add more butter and fry some eggs.Once cooked, lay

    some turkey on top of the patty, leading with an egg, then include a little leftover gravy and serve.< source type =" image/webp" media="( min-width: 992px)" srcset =" https://d.newsweek.com/en/full/1936051/homemade-turkey-thanksgiving-dinner.webp?w=790&f=31d2f3a483802c62755013a47f74f189 1x "> < source type =" image/webp" media="( min-width: 768px )" srcset= "https://d.newsweek.com/en/full/1936051/homemade-turkey-thanksgiving-dinner.webp?w=900&f=21dab4dd471ec0aaf83de1e4d39d376b 1x ">< source type =" image/jpeg" media ="( min-width: 768px) "srcset=" https://d.newsweek.com/en/full/1936051/homemade-turkey-thanksgiving-dinner.jpg?w=900&f=21dab4dd471ec0aaf83de1e4d39d376b 1x" >

    < source type =" image/webp "media="( min-width: 481px) "srcset="

    https://d.newsweek.com/en/full/1936051/homemade-turkey-thanksgiving-dinner.webp?w=790&f=31d2f3a483802c62755013a47f74f189 1x” >< source type=" image/jpeg" media= "( min-width: 481px )" srcset= "https://d.newsweek.com/en/full/1936051/homemade-turkey-thanksgiving-dinner.jpg?w=790&f=31d2f3a483802c62755013a47f74f189 1x" >< source type =" image/webp "media="(

    min-width: 0px )” srcset =” https://d.newsweek.com/en/full/1936051/homemade-turkey-thanksgiving-dinner.webp?w=450&f=9b0a3b299351e28030c3b7c398c595cd 1x” >Homemade Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner

    < source type =" image/jpeg" media=" (min-width: 0px)" srcset= "https://d.newsweek.com/en/full/1936051/homemade-turkey-thanksgiving-dinner.jpg?w=450&f=9b0a3b299351e28030c3b7c398c595cd 1x" >< source type=" image/webp "srcset=" https://d.newsweek.com/en/full/1936051/homemade-turkey-thanksgiving-dinner.webp?w=790&f=31d2f3a483802c62755013a47f74f189" >< img loading=" lazy" class=" mapping-embed imgPhoto" id =" i1936051" src= "https://d.newsweek.com/en/full/1936051/homemade-turkey-thanksgiving-dinner.jpg?w=790&f=31d2f3a483802c62755013a47f74f189" alt=" Homemade Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner" width= "790" height=" 527" > A homemade turkey thanksgiving dinner with mashed potatoes, packing and corn bhofack2/Getty Images Published at Fri, 26 Nov 2021 01:00:01

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