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13 New Documentaries to Watch in August 2022 on Netflix, HBO, Amazon – WWD


Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Discovery+ and Peacock are expanding their documentary offerings with interesting projects that center on topics like Princess Diana, true crime and the sports world.

HBO Max is releasing “The Princess,” a documentary film that includes archival video and audio footage that takes viewers through the late princess’ life. On Discovery+, a new series called “The Diana Investigations” gives a fresh look at the circumstances surrounding Princess Diana’s death.

True crime lovers will find a lengthy slate of new offerings this month. Discovery+ is offering new projects centering on some of the biggest true crime stories of all time, including the trial of the Menendez brothers, the killing of rappers Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., and the trial of Louise Woodward, who was publicly referred to as the “Killer Nanny.”

Here, WWD rounds up 13 new documentaries and docuseries to watch on Netflix, Discovery+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and more.

“The Hillside Strangler: Devil in Disguise”

Stream on Peacock on Aug. 2

New Documentaries August 2022: The Hillside Strangler: Devil In Disguise

“The Hillside Strangler: Devil In Disguise”

Courtesy of Peacock

The docuseries centers on the infamous “Hillside Strangler” who terrorized the Los Angeles community in the ’70s and was ultimately discovered to be two people: cousins Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono Jr.

“Clusterf—k: Woodstock ‘99”

Stream on Netflix on Aug. 3

New Documentaries August 2022: Trainwreck: Woodstock '99. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

A still from “Clusterf—k: Woodstock ’99.”


This three-part docuseries examines how the 1999 Woodstock Festival devolved into a “train wreck of fires, riots and destruction.”

“All or Nothing: Arsenal”

Stream on Amazon Prime Video on Aug. 4

New Documentaries August 2022: All or Nothing: Arsenal

“All or Nothing: Arsenal”

Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

The docuseries takes viewers behind the scenes of one of the biggest football clubs in the world, focusing on the Arsenal team’s return to elite European competitions.

“Menendez Brothers: Misguided?”

Stream on Discovery+ on Aug. 7

New Documentaries August 2022: Menendez Brothers: Misguided?

The Menendez family. From left: Lyle, Kitty, Jose and Erik.

Courtesy of Discovery+

The two-hour documentary gives exclusive access to the infamous trial of Erik and Lyle Menendez, who were found guilty of killing their parents.

“I Just Killed My Dad”

Stream on Netflix on Aug. 9

New Documentaries August 2022: I Just Killed My Dad.

A still from “I Just Killed My Dad.”


The docuseries tells the story of Anthony Templet, who admitted to shooting his father. The three-part series examines Templet’s mindset and the events that led to his actions.

“Post Malone: Runaway”

Stream on Amazon Prime Video on Aug. 12

New Documentaries August 2022: Post Malone: Runaway

Post Malone

Courtesy of Amazon Freevee

The documentary follows Post Malone on a 37-date North American tour in 2019, giving exclusive backstage access and intimate interviews with the musician.

“The Princess”

Stream on HBO Max on Aug. 13

Princess Diana


The documentary film gives an in-depth look at Princess Diana’s life with the use of archival audio and video footage that takes viewers through the late princess’ marriage, the birth of her two children, her divorce from Prince Charles and her untimely death.

“Who Killed Biggie and Tupac?”

Stream on Discovery+ on Aug. 14

Notorious B.I.G, Sean Combs and producer Stevie J at the Peterson Vibe Magazine Party.

Notorious B.I.G., Sean Combs and producer Stevie J at the Peterson Vibe Magazine party.

Maury Phillips

The documentary focuses on the shootings of the two rappers, giving insight and offering interviews to piece together what happened.

“Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist”

Stream on Netflix on Aug. 16

New Documentaries August 2022: Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist

A still from “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist.”

Courtesy of Netflix

The documentary follows All-American football star Manti Te’o, who came under scrutiny for his online relationship that threatened his future.

“The Diana Investigations”

Stream on Discovery+ on Aug. 18

New Documentaries August 2022: The Diana Investigations

A still from “The Diana Investigations.”

Sandpaper Films

“The Diana Investigations” offers a new look at Princess Diana’s untimely death, offering insight from the investigators who worked on the case.

“The Killer Nanny”

Stream on Discovery+ on Aug. 21

New Documentaries August 2022: Killer Nanny

Louise Woodward

Associated Press

The three-part docuseries focuses on British au pair Louise Woodward, who was charged with involuntary manslaughter of the eight-month-old baby she took care of. The series offers new evidence and access to key witnesses, the defense team, the prosecution and members of the jury.

“Mary Kay Letourneau: Notes on a Scandal”

Stream on Discovery+ on Aug. 28

New Documentaries August 2022: Mary Kay Letourneau: Notes on Scandal

A still from “Mary Kay Letourneau: Notes on Scandal.”

Alan Berner/AP

This project examines the infamous sex scandal between 34-year-old elementary school teacher Mary Kay Letourneau and her student, 12-year-old Vili Fualaau, who ultimately got married after Letourneau spent time in prison.

“I Am a Killer”

Stream on Netflix on Aug. 30

New Documentaries August 2022: I Am a KIller

Netflix’s “I Am A Killer.”

Courtesy of Netflix

Each episode in the six-part series will examine a convicted murderer sentenced to death or life in prison and their crimes through in-depth interviews.

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