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14-year-old Mexican girl jailed for leaving set up marriage


14-year-old Mexican girl jailed for fleeing set up marriage

A Mexican teenager who ran away to escape an arranged marriage to her neighbor was imprisoned last week, according to a report.

The 14-year-old girl, identified in regional reports as Anayeli, was set to marry last Monday in Mexico’s Guerrero state along the Pacific coast after her household received $9,300 for the organized union, The Daily Monster reported Monday.

The girl’s mom took the payment despite set up marriages being unlawful in Mexico because 2019, prompting the surrounding family in the Joya Real village to spend $2,600 on the wedding day, consisting of by working with a band, slaughtering a cow and prepping a feast.

But the teen left before the celebrations got underway Monday and went to the close-by house of a 15-year-old pal, recognized as Alfredo.

” She believed it was her older sister who was going to be wed,” Abel Barrera, director of the Guerrero-based Tlachinollan Person Rights Center, informed the Daily Monster. “She never believed it would be her, due to the fact that she was a small.”

Barrera stated the woman took off regardless of her mother settling on the rate for her hand in marital relationship and the other costs spent for by the groom’s daddy.

” None of that interested the woman,” Barrera continued. “She merely wanted to protect her freedom, her life and her security.”

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The girl’s mother took the payment regardless of arranged marriages being prohibited in Mexico considering that 2019. MilenioTV Set up marital relationships among minors in Mexico are still typical throughout rural areas, in spite of the 2019 law, Barrera said. The woman belongs to the indigenous Mixtec individuals, the Daily Beast reported.

Young women are “treated as a things” by her in-laws when pushed into arranged marriages, Barrera said.

” She needs to work, she has to prepare the food, she needs to do the cleaning, she needs to go to the fields, and if she gets to work as an agricultural worker, the cash is not paid to her, but to her father-in-law,” Barerra said.

The groom’s family asked Joya Real’s auxiliary law enforcement department, understood as Neighborhood Authorities, to find Anayeli once she disappeared. She and Alfredo were then located and required to jail, the Daily Beast reported.

The set were told Anayeli needed to abide to the set up marriage or repay the $2,600 the groom’s household spent on the nuptials and related revelry.

The teens were devoid of prison by Tuesday morning, however were later on taken into protective custody as part of Mexico’s Comprehensive Family Advancement system, according to the Daily Beast.

” Anayeli’s case is very complicated,” an attorney who helped protect her release, Neil Arias Vitinio, told the outlet, adding that she just speaks a Mixtec language referred to as Tu’un Savi.

40 cases of beer.
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due to the fact that she is a monolingual, illiterate woman who does not even have a minimum of education, “Vitinio stated.” When talking to her, we recognized that she is very uncomfortable. She would barely speak a word to us, many of the time she was quiet.” Anayeli’s daddy had just recently been killed by unknown assailants, leaving her mother financially strapped and desperate to support her family, Barerra told the Daily Beast. Spanish newspaper El País reported in June that thousands of young women

are sold yearly into forced marriages across Mexico, turning children into product to be peddled for approximately $9,500 or more. Any problems by the victims are typically met the phrase,” I spent for you,” according to the report. The teen’s traumatic story follows that of another girl from Guerrero who had been sold into marital relationship at simply 15 years old in October. Like Anayeli, she was imprisoned by the Neighborhood Authorities after getting away from her brand-new hubby’s house, where her father-in-law attempted to rape her, the Daily Monster reported. While some ladies are still being “required to comply with “organized marital relationships established by their parents, the two current leaves suggest a prospective changing

tide, Barerra stated. “There are beginning to be cases now in which the women, due to the fact that they don’t like the males, are making decisions not to marry them,” Barerra informed

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