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15 Best Party Games for Adults in 2022 — Fun Games for Gatherings


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I’m sorry, but you know those people who say they hate games? They’re lame. There, I said it. (*Cue Billie Eilish singing “I don’t relate to youuu.”*) Games are the best, and if you truly believe there are no fun games out there, that simply means you haven’t found the right one yet. Your game soulmate, if you will. And if you fall under that category—or you love games and simply want more of them—it’s a damn good thing you made your way here, because I know some of ze best on ze market.

Below, I’ve rounded up all the best adult party games you can get your hands on in this crazy year that is 2022. Some of them are raunchy, many involve drinking, and all will get the party started whether you like it or not. If you’ve never tried drunk Jenga, karaoke roulette, or Alexa-compatible Twister, prepare for your mind to be blown, baby, blown.

Scroll through this list to find your favorites, make an investment in F-U-N at its most pure, and then start alerting the group chat. There’s a party on the horizon, and you WILL be playing games.

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If you’re not afraid to feel the burn

Mean Girls: The Party Game

Get in loser, we’re having a party! If your friend group straddles the line of both loving Mean Girls and not being afraid to roast each other, then you’re going to want to *fetch* this baby ASAP. To play, you answer scandalous questions about each other anonymously in your burn book…but at the end of each round, one person has to come clean about which answers they wrote. The drama! It’s glorious!!!


If you’re having a girl’s night in

For The Girls

Created by the makers of What Do You Meme (another incredible game), For The Girls is every sleepover game you and your gal pals played in high school packed into one deck. But like, way raunchier. We’re talking Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, charades—you know, the greats—with a millennial, often R-rated twist. The best part? No boys allowed!


If you’ve got a loooot of players

The Jackbox Party Pack

I can say from plenty of experience that this game is the sh*t. It can keep a party thriving for hours, no matter how many people are in attendance. Each “pack” (which you can buy for pretty much any gaming device or from any app store) includes a bunch of super-fun and easy-to-understand party games (short attention span, who?) that can be played by up to 10 people at a time. Think: trivia, doodling, word games, and more.

The best part is that players don’t need to be all huddled around a board—the only thing everyone needs is their smartphone as a controller (and just a web browser, no app downloaded needed!), and a view of a central screen. Let it be noted that this game is NOT family friendly, in the best way possible.


If you’re not afraid of hangovers


The makers of this game make it very clear: This is for the 21+ crowd only. Basically, it’s 250 cards designed to get you shwasty—you go around a circle and everyone in the group drinks if they relate to the prompt on the card. It’s not complicated, as any good drinking game should be, and boy does it ever keep ya “hydrated.” Who brought the extra White Claws?


if you wanna show of those vocals

Karaoke Roulette

Here’s how it goes down: Write the names of popular songs on tiny pieces of paper and throw them in a bag for people to pick from. Have the participants hum their song into one of these Bluetooth microphones for dramatic effect! If no one guesses the track in under 30 seconds they’ve gotta take a drink!


if you want to shake up a classic

Drunk Jenga

If you turn standard Jenga into a drinking game, it becomes a way more hilarious challenge after literally one round. Did you make the tower wiggle? Take a sip. Successfully get a middle block? Make the person to right take a shot.


If you’re feeling fancy

Champagne Pong

A v ~classy~ rendition of beer pong. Because we’re adults now! The same rules still apply: Aim to shoot ping pong balls into a cup at the other end of a table, but just swap out the red Solo cups for plastic champagne flutes. It makes the game a tad more difficult and just way more fun.


If you want to fight

One Gotta Go

Which would you rather eliminate forever, taxes or student loans? It’s like “Would You Rather?” but ~elevated~ and will surely inspire some heated debates.


if you love a good icebreaker

Two Truths and a Lie

Try this popular elimination game, but with a twist! If someone picks out the wrong lie, they’ve got to take a shot. If they get the lie right, the person who told the lie has gotta drink! Plus, these shot glasses are so stunning that you’re just going to want them in your house.


if you’re feeling bold

Who Can Do It

Here’s a game that’s all action. It has a bunch of different random “challenges”(unfollow someone on IG, swear in a foreign language) and your group has to see—wait for it—who can actually do it. Guaranteed good time. If you always chose “Truth” at middle school sleepovers, this is your redemption arc.


if you need a laugh

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity LLC.

A f*cking classic. This game is hands down the best outlet for airing out all your personal grievances with society and embracing a well-delivered dirty joke. Fight me on this.


if you wanna get up close and personal


A certified Good Time™. This version is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, so she announces what contortionist moves players have to make on the mat next. Don’t cha just love technology?


if you think you’re a thespian

Brilliant or BS? Trivia

It’s time to sniff out who the best actors are at your party. This trivia game requires you to bullshit your way through all sorts of questions. The real challenge is, will your fellow players believe that you actually know the answers?


if your friends really know each other

The Voting Game

Now this one is for when you’re hanging with your tightest circle. Which of you gives the best hugs? Who would you want as your new mama? Put it up for a vote!


if you want to embarrass yourself (slightly)

Heads Up!

This iPhone game is such a crowdpleaser. Something about recording your friends act out random movies/animals/pop culture references while you’re trying to guess is unnecessarily funny. Plus, you can play this with one other person or like, 50. Up to you!

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