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$1m buys the house minus the door

$1m buys the house minus the door

Debra Bela

Debra Bela

News Corp Australia Network

Marty Shrubshall with the new owners of his East Brisbane home. Picture: Debra Bela

Six registered bidders who lined up to buy a house at auction in Brisbane’s inner-city Olympic precinct were told they could buy everything except the garage door.

“It’s important to note that the excluded fixtures today are the garage door artwork on the left hand side,” LJ Hooker auctioneer Aaron Booth said. “The door itself will be replaced. If you are wanting the artist to do further work in the future I’d encourage you to contact (LJ Hooker agents) Ben and Gerry.”

Respected Brisbane graffiti artist, Mouf, was responsible for the garage door art featuring a beekeeper on a skateboard carrying a branch with seven bees.


@SodaMouf will be part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival that will be held from May 6-21 at sites across Brisbane. Visit www.bsafest.com.au

It was one of several pieces of art and other memorabilia – including a 100-year-old timber oyster boat and an old Nissan Skyline – that made up the eclectic East Brisbane home of truck driver and 4ZZZ DJ, Marty Shrubshall.

“My father was a beekeeper,” Mr Shrubshall said.

A tattoo of bees on Mr Shrubshall’s left arm complemented the garage artwork as a way of keeping his family close.

The decision to move on after 24 years was not an easy one and Mr Shrubshall requested a lease back arrangement be written into the contract to give him time to move his collections, including rare timbers, out of the home.

100-year-old timbers are part of the collection and were to be used to extend the house.

“We understand this will be two months,” Mr Booth told the crowd of 30 before starting the auction around the Hills hoist in the back yard.

The crowd gathers before the auction.

Mount Warren Park couple, Simon Lee and Julie Pringle, opened the bidding at $700,000.

“We’ve been looking for a year now, wanting to move closer in to the city,” Ms Pringle said.

Tom Sharry and Phillipa Monti were renting in West End after moving up from Melbourne six months ago and jumped in with a bid of $800,000.

“I work for an industrial builder,” Mr Sharry said.

“I can see past all the stuff downstairs, in fact we were more excited about downstairs than any other part of the house. It’s 2.4m underneath so we don’t need to raise it. It’s got a toilet, fixtures and water.”

The eclectic home has artwork from around the world.

LJ Hooker Brisbane City Residential managing director Ben Armstrong and agent Gerry Moley worked with the crowd and paused the auction at $1.015m.

They returned shortly afterwards with an increased bid of $1.04m and the property sold to the couple from Melbourne.

Marty Shrubshall with new owners Tom Sharry and Phillipa Monti and his fur family, Punkie, Munta, and Judy. Picture: Debra Bela

“That was my absolute limit, not a cent more,” Mr Sharry said.

The auction was one of more than 70 to be held across Greater Brisbane on Saturday.