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3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week: March 13-19, 2023

3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week: March 13-19, 2023

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The spring equinox is less than a week away, but for some of us, the astrological new year can’t come soon enough. For instance, these three zodiac signs will have the worst week of March 13 to 19, and it is all thanks to the nebulous essence surrounding Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and the sun’s journey through Pisces, simultaneously. While this is a wonderful opportunity to search within and cultivate a connection with your higher self, there is an undeniable sense of confusion in the air.

For more reference on these feelings of ambiguity, check your birth chart to find out which house Neptune lives in.  This is the area of life where you’re more likely to dream, fantasize and wear your rose-colored glasses. And with Saturn moving through open-hearted Pisces, you are being encouraged to honor your boundaries, both spiritually and in terms of your current reality. More importantly, Mars in Gemini will be squaring off with Neptune in Pisces—for a third and final time—this week on March 14. In the meantime, however, think back to October 11 and November 19, 2022, which were the last two times when the God of war and the planet of unconscious realms went head to head. Keep in mind, Mars in Gemini will stop at nothing to obtain the necessary facts and speak its mind, but Neptune in Pisces triggers confusion, as its all-encompassing nature can’t help but consider the above and beyond. With that being said, this continues to signal us to create stronger boundaries, but it doesn’t end there.

On March 15 and 16, Mercury and the sun will be joining forces with subliminal Neptune, so if you’re suddenly feeling lethargic, distracted or simply sleepier than usual, now you know why. If possible, making more room in your daily schedule to rest and retreat wouldn’t be a bad idea. Moreover, Venus and powerhouse Pluto will face off on March 16 at exactly 29 chaotic degrees which could bring light to an identity, relationship and/or value system you’re ready to leave in the past. Try to steer away from power struggles and petty quarrels.

If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of these zodiac signs, here’s why things could feel like a total blur this week:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Worst Week

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Take a deep breath, and try to not lose your cool this week, Aries. After all, this is the third time your celestial ruler, Mars, clashes with subliminal Neptune. Creating friction between your 12th house of secrets and unconscious patterns, along with your third house of communication and immediate surroundings, your desperation to obtain specific information could lead to you going down the rabbit hole, and succumbing to distorted illusions.

Do yourself a favor, and catch up on some rest if possible—you’re going to need it. Moreover, before concluding its journey through your sign, Venus will square off with smoldering Pluto in your 10th house of authority on March 16. If there’s a title, identity and/or value system you associated with once upon a time, the cosmos is challenging you to be honest with yourself about the future, because it’s time to turn the page.

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You may or may not be a perfectionist at heart, but this week’s third and final square between Mars in Gemini (via your 12th house of secrets and all things behind the scenes) and Neptune in Pisces (via your expansive ninth house of self-discovery) could be the reason why you’re overthinking your next venture, if not a belief system of sorts.

You could be gathering information behind the scenes, and yet still not have a full grasp of the bigger picture. Professionally, you could also be coming to terms with the reality of a partnership on March 16, when Venus squares off Pluto. Keep in mind, both of these planets will be transiting through the final degree of their prospective signs, so themes stemming from back in 2008 could also be coming up for review.

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The dynamic of your day-to-day routine could be under the influence of an outdated belief system, or perhaps even a desire to act on impulse. For reference, think back to October and November 2022, specifically when in regards to the information you’ve gathered around a health habit, if not new opportunities to expand in the workplace. Mars rules your relationship sector, and the red planet will face off with Neptune for the third and final time on March 16.

If you’ve been struggling when in regards to your levels of assertion, or perhaps when it comes to the dynamic of your daily routines, similar energies could be the reason behind your frustration this week. Speaking of relationships, your celestial ruler, Venus, will also face off with Pluto in your fourth house of home on March 16, and for the last time before entering Aquarius. A family dynamic, tradition and/or outdated value system could be brought to the forefront.

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