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6 Educational Technology Resources to Enhance Teaching and Learning

6 Educational Technology Resources to Enhance Teaching and Learning


Technology continues to play a pivotal role in transforming traditional classrooms into dynamic hubs of interactive learning. With the integration of interactive displays and educational software, students can actively engage with the curriculum, fostering a deeper understanding of the subjects. Digital resources and online collaboration tools also enable educators to personalize instruction, helping to meet student learning styles and needs. This seamless blend of technology and education not only enhances student participation but also empowers teachers to create innovative and immersive learning experiences. 

To help you implement dynamic tools for enriched teaching and learning, explore innovative software, applications, and platforms. These resources empower educators to create engaging lessons and foster interactive collaboration in the classroom. From interactive educational software to online learning platforms, they enhance student understanding and enable effective teaching. 


MimioConnect® is an award-winning educational platform that enhances learning experiences for both in-class and online settings. It empowers teachers to deliver interactive content by seamlessly integrating videos, animations, and interactive questions into their existing lessons. Students benefit from the flexibility to access and interact with the content from any location, enabling effortless collaboration with peers and easy access to instructional materials. MimioConnect includes innovative tools such as handwriting recognition, Immersive Reader, and PhET simulations to further promote and encourage active participation and learning accessibility. MimioConnect’s user-friendly interface and dynamic activities help teachers build and facilitate meaningful learning experiences, encouraging active student participation and collaboration. 

LYNX Whiteboard, an innovative ed tech resource, enables teachers to create imaginative lessons using content from various sources. With its user-friendly interface and upgraded system, LYNX offers a fast, smooth, and simple experience. It runs on multiple platforms and devices, including Mimio and Clevertouch interactive displays, iPads, Android, iPhones, Windows PCs, and Mac, making it accessible from anywhere. The cloud-based platform allows for dynamic lessons on the go, while dual-screen mode encourages group collaboration. LYNX Whiteboard’s direct link to the browser ensures seamless access to external content, and its interactive features, like handwriting recognition and math tools, engage students in active learning. 

MimioStudio educational software facilitates quick interactive lesson creation and real-time assessment, adapting to any teaching style and classroom technology. Teachers can engage students with collaborative activities, while formative assessments offer insights into comprehension. Teachers can create dynamic learning experiences with MimioStudio, empowering educators to maximize teaching potential and enhance student engagement in the classroom. 

MimioMobile™ is a teacher-favorite educational technology tool that complements MimioStudio educational software, offering a comprehensive toolset for enhanced teaching and active student participation. With MimioMobile, students can actively share, present, and control the display, while the teacher maintains classroom management and individual support. MimioMobile is accessible through a web browser or the iOS app.* 

CleverStore offers access to a vast collection of educational apps for interactive displays, supporting US Common Core State Standards. Hand-picked from reputable developers, the apps cover diverse subjects and grade levels, engaging students in coding, math, literacy, and more. With multilingual support and strict quality checks, CleverStore ensures ad-free, purchase-free, and appropriate content for classroom use, empowering teachers to integrate apps seamlessly into their lessons for an enriched learning experience. 

MyStemKits STEM curriculum offers a comprehensive range of resources for MimioSTEM products, including ready-to-print 3D models, lesson plans, STEAM design challenges, and virtual STEM kits. With over 680 standards-driven resources, students experience real-world, hands-on learning that fosters deep conceptual understanding. The curriculum is aligned with NGSS, Common Core, and state standards, making it ideal for preparing the next generation of engineers, mathematicians, and scientists. MyStemKits supports various 3D printers and sensor brands, allowing seamless integration with existing STEM tools. Teachers can easily access content by product, subject, or grade level, enabling quick implementation. 

Leveraging technology enhances dynamic learning, engagement, collaboration, and understanding in classrooms, which promotes meaningful academic growth for students. 


*MimioMobile is no longer available on Android. 


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