Home Celebrity 8 Indoor Plant Lights 2022 — Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

8 Indoor Plant Lights 2022 — Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

8 Indoor Plant Lights 2022 — Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

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If you’re a parent of one or multiple indoor plants, you deserve the MVP award because I know that life can get rough—especially when it comes to providing your green bbs with enough sunlight. And those living in teeny spaces with barely any windows know the real struggle. But just because you might have minimal light comin’ through your home doesn’t mean it’s impossible to give your greenery the luminosity it craves and deserves! Enter the magic of ~grow lights~.

Yes, we’re talkin’ artificial lights, which do sound a bit intense and scary. But fear not, because they’re 100 percent safe for your plant children. Basically, these lights help to encourage plant growth by emitting a fluorescent light that mimics sun rays (which sounds really cute, if you ask me).

There are a ton of options out there, but I gathered only the best indoor plant lights because that’s what you and your plant babies deserve! So whether you’ve got a lengthy living room plant that needs a tall light, a smaller indoor one that lives on your desk, or a kitchen plant that sits on your counter, I’ve got all kinds of grow lights for ya, below.

Go on and get to shopping. Your lil greenies will be so happy.

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Best for Tall Plants


Grow Light with Stand

Best Hanging Grow Light

Sol Tech Solutions

Aspect™ LED Growlight

Best Decorative Grow Light


Boho Plug in Pendant Light

Best Desktop Grow Light


Tabletop Light

Best Movable Grow Light


LED Grow Light

Best for Kitchen Plants

Good Earth Lighting

Light Bar

Best Lit Greenhouse


Mini-Greenhouse with Grow Lights

Best for an Indoor Vegetable Garden

Lettuce Grow

Glow Rings

Best Plant for Artificial Light

Pothos Cebu Blue

What to look for in an indoor plant light

Light size and placement

This will depend on the size of your plants (sooo, a desk lamp won’t cut it if you’ve got a big monstera at home) and how much and how far you need the light to go. If you’ve got a plant that’s gonna do a lot of growing, a movable or flexible indoor plant light may be your best bet.

Type of lighting

“Full spectrum” LED lighting is what you’ll wanna go for with indoor plant lights, because that’ll best mimic the sunlight your space craves. A standard LED light won’t give the full spectrum of light your plants need to do all their photosynthesizing, which is why you need one of these LED grow lights.

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