Home Celebrity Aaron Rodgers Reveals ‘Mindset’ Is ‘Important’ Amid Injury Recovery

Aaron Rodgers Reveals ‘Mindset’ Is ‘Important’ Amid Injury Recovery

Aaron Rodgers Reveals ‘Mindset’ Is ‘Important’ Amid Injury Recovery

During the Monday, September 11, game against the Buffalo Bills, Rodgers entered MetLife Stadium running with the American flag in his hand and ready to lead the Jets to victory. The crowd audibly cheered for Rodgers, and viewers rushed to social media to discuss his signature handshake with cornerback Sauce Gardner.

Despite the world’s excitement, the California native won’t be playing soon, as he suffered a season-ending injury to his left Achilles on his fourth play. As Rodgers focuses on his recovery, he continues to prioritize his well-being and the power of manifestation.

“Mindset is the most important thing,” he stresses. “The physical part — you kind of know it’s going to be a grind and there’s going to be some tough days.”

“Your body may respond the right way, but mentally, every day is difficult,” he admits. “[You’re] dealing with sadness, depression, frustration and all the different emotions that go with being away from the team and not being able to contribute.”