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All The Free Loot You Can Claim In Apex Mobile This Week


The recent launch of Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5: Hyperbeat has brought more in-game events to Respawn’s popular mobile shooter than ever before. The vast majority of these events reward participating players with a variety of free prizes, from in-game currency to cosmetic items you won’t find in the Hyperbeat Battle Pass.

This week added three more in-game events to Apex Legends Mobile: a new Player Feedback event, this week’s iteration of Pro Mode, and the Seven Day Sweep event. Keep reading for a closer look at each of these events, along with a detailed guide of how to get your hands on all the free loot each event has to offer.

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Getting started

All three of these events have splash screen advertisements you may encounter when you first fire up the Apex Legends Mobile app. To visit a specific event’s hub, select the “Go!” option at the bottom of the splash screen. But if you’ve already swiped through the announcements, you can access the hubs for these events by selecting the purple “Seasonal Event” banner on the right side of the main lobby screen. This will take you to the Hyperbeat Hub, where you can find info on current events.

From the Hyperbeat Hub, select the “Limited-Time” tab from the trio of options at the top of the event hub screen. Then select “Player Feedback,” “Pro Mode,” or “Seven Day Sweep” from the vertical list of events on the right side of the screen to be taken to each event’s respective hub. Currently, the Seven Day Sweep Event is at the top of the event list, meaning you’ll automatically be taken to that event hub by default. But we’ll be going through these events in the order that they expire, so first up is Pro Mode.

Pro Mode challenges are quick, easy, and profitable.
Pro Mode challenges are quick, easy, and profitable.

Pro Mode: TDM

Pro Mode is a weekly two-day, single-challenge event that rewards players who complete the challenge with a good bit of currency. The game mode and type of currency changes each week: this week the challenge must be completed in Team Deathmatch Mode, and the reward currency is Hyperbeat Coins, the Seasonal Currency used to redeem season-exclusive items from the Hyperbeat Store and its coveted VIP section.

This week’s challenge required players to complete three matches in Team Deathmatch Mode. In return, they’ll receive 2,000 Hyperbeat Coins for use in the Hyperbeat Store.

This week’s Pro Mode challenge expires tonight, September 7 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

Player Feedback

Player Feedback is an event that occurs periodically throughout each season, sometimes multiple times. Like Pro Mode, it sometimes rewards players with Flux, while other times, participants receive Seasonal Currency. In this instance, it’s the latter–players who complete the user survey associated with this week’s Player Feedback event will receive 500 Hyperbeat Coins for their trouble.

But not all rewards are tangible. Participating in the Player Feedback event is a reward in itself, as it gives players a voice. Participating in the survey gives you a direct line of communication with Respawn and the team at Lightspeed Studios, allowing you to give extensive, detailed feedback regarding your thoughts on recent changes to the game and the current state of Apex Mobile.

The Player Feedback event ends on Monday, September 12 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

The Player Feedback event gives players a voice--and gives them a reward for using it.
The Player Feedback event gives players a voice–and gives them a reward for using it.

Seven Day Sweep

Seven Day Sweet is perhaps the easiest and most-rewarding event of the season so far, surpassed only by the Login Marathon event (but we’ll get back to that one in a minute). To participate the Seven Day Sweep event, complete the following tasks:

  1. Login to Apex Legends Mobile
  2. Navigate to the Seven Day Sweep event hub
  3. Select “Redeem” under the daily prize
  4. Profit

The event’s daily rewards are as follows:

  • Day 1: 3 Double XP Cards (each card lasts for one match)
  • Day 2: 200 Flux
  • Day 3: 45 Syndicate Gold
  • Day 4: 200 Flux
  • Day 5: 45 Syndicate Gold
  • Day 6: 200 Flux
  • Day 7: 100 Syndicate Gold

But wait, there’s more! This event stacks with the 28-day Login Marathon that started at the beginning of the season (you can find the Login Marathon event hub in the same event list on the right side of the “Limited-Time” screen), meaning that for seven days, you can redeem not one but two free daily login bonuses.

That’s not all–if you haven’t touched Apex Legends Mobile in a while and want to increase your daily login bonuses even more, you can trigger the Returning Champ Event by logging in to Apex Mobile for the first time after an absence lasting 10 or more days (make sure to check out our event guide for details on the challenges and rewards). Logging back in after this absence will launch an eight-day login bonus event that also stacks with the Seven Day Sweep and the Login Marathon events, meaning you can redeem not one, not two, but three free rewards every day for a week if you manage to trigger the Returning Champ event while you’re participating in both the Login Marathon event and the Seven Day Sweep event.

Seven Day Sweep event ends on Friday, September 16 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

The Seven Day Sweep event hub displays all of the event's login bonuses.
The Seven Day Sweep event hub displays all of the event’s login bonuses.


Players who complete the Seven Day Sweep will obtain a total of 3 Double XP Cards, 600 Flux, and 190 Syndicate Gold. Players who complete Pro Mode: TDM, Player Feedback, and Seven Day Sweep will accumulate a total of 3 Double XP Cards, 600 Flux, 190 Syndicate Gold, and 2,500 Hyperbeat Coins. But players who go all out and complete all three events in addition to the Login Marathon and Returning Champ login bonus events will obtain all of the following rewards:

  • 3 Mission Cards (used to instantly complete seasonal challenges)
  • 3 Double XP Cards (active for 1 match each)
  • 2 Double XP Boost Cards (active for 2 matches each)
  • 650 XP applied to Hyperbeat battle pass progression
  • 1,750 Flux
  • 190 Syndicate Gold
  • 17,100 Hyperbeat Coins
  • 2 Syndicate Packs
  • 20 Pack Pieces (equivalent to 2 additional Syndicate Packs)
  • Connected Lifeline banner pose (Rare)
  • True Hunter Bloodhound Banner Frame (Rare)
  • Count Off Lifeline banner pose (Rare)
  • Backpack weapon charm (Rare)
  • Get Ready Lifeline holospray (Rare)
  • Paint Blasted Lifeline legend skin (Epic)

These rewards are just from login bonuses. Some events–like Returning Champ–come with challenges that provide additional rewards, including a character or weapon skin of your choosing, and a gift you can share with a friend. Make sure you thoroughly explore the in-game event hub and read any directions you may find there to ensure you’re not missing out on any free loot–and don’t forget to hit the “Redeem” button! Simply logging in won’t earn you the reward unless you manually select the option to redeem it on the event’s hub page.

Flux, Syndicate Gold, and Double XP Cards do not expire, but Mission Cards and Seasonal Currency expire at the end of the season, so be sure to use all of yours before Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5 ends on October 4 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. For more details on all of Season 2.5’s events and activities (including the Login Marathon and Returning Champ events), check out our Hyperbeat seasonal event guide.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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