Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ Mac event: Watch our live updates now – CNET


    Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ Mac event: Watch our live updates now – CNET

    What else?

    9:25 a.m. PT

    Apple’s also expected to announce new versions of its popular $159 AirPods wireless earbuds. This new version is expected to look similar to the more expensive AirPods Pro, according to reports by Bloomberg, but won’t have the same features like active noise cancellation and “spatial” surround sound

    Apple’s also expected to release its next free major Mac software update, MacOS Monterey. As has been the trend for the past few years, Apple put work into melding the Mac, iPad and iPhone even further with this release. While MacOS is still very different from its mobile device cousins, it has features that work much closer with it. Perhaps most dramatic this year is a feature that allows you to use the same keyboard and mouse to interact with a Mac laptop, desktop or iPad at any time.

    So far

    9 a.m. PT

    Apple’s revamp for its MacBook Pros follows earlier upgrades for its computer lines. Earlier this year, Apple upgraded its iMac line with a new entry-level $1,299 M1-powered version that came in seven colors including orange.

    Aside from that, Apple’s also released upgraded versions of its $999 MacBook Air, $699 Mac Mini and entry-level $1,299 MacBook Pro. Those upgraded machines didn’t look different on the outside, but CNET’s computer reviewer Dan Ackerman found they offered impressive battery life while still running apps well.

    Customers seem to be gobbling them up so far. Apple said it sold so many M1 Macs that the product line helped push its desktop and laptop revenues to an all-time high of $9.1 billion during the first three months of this year. That was up 70% from the same time a year earlier, a dramatic change in an otherwise slow-going market. “Keep in mind, in the five years prior to the pandemic, the Mac was essentially a flat business, growing on average 1% annually,” Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster wrote in May. 

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    What we expect

    8:30 a.m. PT

    Last month, we got the iPhone 13, revamped iPad Mini and newly upgraded entry-level iPad. This time around, we’re expecting Apple will be focusing on its computers. In particular, Apple’s expected to announce new MacBook Pro laptops, with upgraded internal chips. Apple’s in the midst of a significant technology switch, moving from Intel-powered microprocessors to those designed by Apple’s internal teams.

    These M-series chips, as Apple calls them, are based on the well-regarded A-series chips that have powered iPads and iPhones since 2010.

    The rumor mill suggests that Apple won’t just be upgrading the inside of its performance-focused laptops. It’s also expected to add back a magnetic charging cable (of which I’m a big fan) and HDMI port. It’s also said to be ditching the hotly debated Touch Bar.

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    And it begins

    8 a.m. PT

    Hi everyone, welcome to CNET’s liveblog for Apple’s second major product release event this fall. As with events for the past year and a half, Apple will be broadcasting remotely over the internet.

    At one point, before the delta variant of the coronavirus really started to surge, I’d wondered whether Apple would return to in-person events this fall. I started preparing in my head about whether I’d be comfortable traveling on a plane, knowing that even though I’m fully vaccinated, there’s a chance I could bring the virus back to my young children. Of course, I could bring it back from the grocery store too, but getting on a plane and traveling across the country seemed like it was a different level of risk.

    Fortunately, while parents like me anxiously wait for the government to clear the vaccine for children, I won’t have to face down that choice. Pandemic or no, CNET’s team is here and ready for whatever Apple has to announce today.

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