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Ben Carson: No COVID Shots for Children, Mandates Open “Pandora’s Box”


Ben Carson: No COVID Shots for Children, Mandates Open “Pandora’s Box”

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The long-lasting risks of COVID injections for children are unknown while the threats of COVID to children are little to non-existent, alerted former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and world-renown medical doctor Ben Carson in this special interview on Conversations That Matter with The Brand-new American magazine’s Alex Newman. Taking a look at the data would conserve America a great deal of discomfort and suffering, he alerted. While he promoted Operation War Speed as program that conserved lives, the soft-spoken American icon alerted that the long-term effect of the shots was unknown and the data in the federal government’s VAERS vaccine adverse-event reporting system exposed “a lot more problems” than vaccines typically have. As for federal government requireds, these open “Pandora’s Box,” putting Americans’ most basic liberties at danger.

Dr. Carson, the youngest physician to take control of a division at Johns Hopkins children’s medical facility, also sounded the alarm about the indoctrination of kids in public schools, cautioning that they are being taught to hate America and each other. To treat that, Carson developed the Little Patriots’ program and books to help young Americans comprehend the wonderful fact about America and unite all Americans. Another crucial issue is the dishonesty of the media, Dr. Carson described, sharing a personal story of how the media produced a fake scandal during his term leading HUD is President Donald Trump’s cabinet. If these concerns are not fixed, America may well end up being a communist nation without freedom. Dr. Carson also discuss the value of mentor reading correctly– utilizing phonics– to America’s children. Maintaining the Constitution and bring back unity in America will be vital.

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