Home Celebrity Bethenny Frankel Defends Ray J Amid Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Drama

Bethenny Frankel Defends Ray J Amid Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Drama

Bethenny Frankel Defends Ray J Amid Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Drama

Bethenny Frankel Defends 'Poor Guy' Ray J Amid Kim K. Sex Tape Drama

Bethenny Frankel, Ray J and Kim Kardashian.

Weighing in. Bethenny Frankel shared her thoughts on Ray J and Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape saga after Kris Jenner‘s lie detector test.

The Real Housewives of New York City alum, 51, first addressed the drama in a since-deleted Instagram Story on Sunday, September 11. In the video, the entrepreneur claimed that it’s “common knowledge” that the Skims founder, 41, and her mother, 66, were “involved” in the making of the tape.

“I bet that Ray J just hasn’t been properly compensated and he’s been embarrassed in front of his family, and they keep exploiting it and capitalizing on it,” Frankel said. “Ray J should get 10 percent commission for [lighting] the flame that created America’s first family.”

Over the weekend, the R&B singer, 41, slammed Jenner for a recent appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, where she took a lie detector test that “proved” she was telling the truth about having no involvement in the sex tape. In a 44-minute Instagram video, the “One Wish” singer showed what he claimed were “receipts” that showed Kardashian and the momager communicated with him about releasing the tape.

In a TikTok video shared on Sunday, Frankel defended Ray J, saying that “friends” have told her that Jenner “hired hair and makeup” for the tape. “Why is everybody acting like this didn’t happen?” the former Bravo personality continued. “This poor guy finally cracked because he’s gotta explain to his kids why he looks like he exploited someone else and why he’s left holding the bag.”

The Bethenny Ever After alum went on to accuse the Kardashian family of pulling off “so many heists” over the years. “It’s always the last little dumb one where you get jammed up,” she said. “Trees grow high, they don’t grow to the sky. Just, enough has to be enough. I said in my rant, ‘What is the message?’ Grab it all, take it all by any means necessary. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

Though the sex tape was released in 2007, it’s been back in the news this year after becoming a major plot point on season 1 of The Kardashians, which premiered in April. During one episode, Kanye West claimed he retrieved the remaining footage of the tape from Ray J ahead of the Selfish author’s October 2021 Saturday Night Live hosting debut.

After the episode aired, however, the “Sexy Can I” artist denied the show’s version of events. “All of this is a lie smh,” he wrote via Instagram in April. “Can’t let them do this anymore – so untrue.”

In May, the Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood alum told the Daily Mail that his ex-girlfriend allegedly “jumped on the idea” of a leak after he suggested it. “I felt suicidal [after the tape went public] because when you know something’s real and it’s true and you’re watching a whole family create an empire from a lie they’ve created,” he said at the time. “It’s heartbreaking and disrespectful to all the entertainers who have been honest and true to their craft.”

That same month, an insider exclusively told Us Weekly that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum was upset about the unwelcome blast from the past. “Kim is mortified this period in her life is coming up again,” the source explained. “It was such a hard time of speculation and invasion of privacy and it’s been hard with speculation about her sex tape.”

Jenner and Kardashian haven’t responded to Ray J and Frankel’s latest social media posts.