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British Monarchy Destroyed Evidence Proving Queen Victoria’s Affair


“My grandfather, who was there with him, was told to go into the house and bring out all documents pertaining to the relationship, letters and whatever there was, and they did bonfires,” Mahmood noted. “All the documents and all the papers and burnt it in front of the family to say, “Hey, this is what your dad’s position is over here. Now you all are no more here. You all have been wiped out. The slate is clean. You all don’t exist anymore. Leave.'”

Royal historian Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills gave some more insight into the scandal. “Because he was of the Muslim faith, a lot of the letters and the firsthand accounts of this relationship between a sovereign and a servant was also burnt,” he shared. “The way that the letters and the actual firsthand accounts of the relationship between Victorian John Brown were as well. And from a historian point of view, I cringe and my heart hurt that we don’t have these firsthand accounts to actually draw the parallels between the Queen’s relationships with her three men. And I say three men, one of which was her husband, two of which were confidants. Another one of which was a physical lover as well.”

“So, that’s the travesty of the relationship between Victoria, John Brown and Kareem because there’s so much there that we should know, and we should be privy to as historians that was unfortunately destroyed,” he concluded.

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