Can West Side Story Be Saved from Itself?


    Can West Side Story Be Saved from Itself?

    Still from West Side Story.( 20th Century Studios/Image via IMDB) Steven Spielberg’s
    objective is to make a notoriously corny plot stand up amid the stunning tunes.


    hen people state they enjoy Pirouetting Gangsters of 1957, a.k.a West Side Story, what they’re truly stating is that they like a part of it: the tunes. The slate of offerings from Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim is Hall of Fame things– in the all-time top 10.

    Two-thirds of the show, nevertheless, is the book, a.k.a the bits between the tunes, and those parts are evenly awful– corny, campy, forced, melodramatic sludge. The program was the development of 4 well-heeled gay Jews (Arthur Laurents and Jerome Robbins were the others) who had not the slightest insight about, or interest in,

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