China Suspends Celtics Broadcast after Star Gamer Condemns Beijing’s ‘Cultural Genocide’ in Tibet


    China Suspends Celtics Broadcast after Star Player Condemns Beijing’s ‘Cultural Genocide’ in Tibet

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    A Chinese internet giant suspended its broadcasting of Boston Celtics video games on Thursday following gamer Enes Kanter’s fiery remarks on Twitter condemning the program for perpetrating a “cultural genocide” in Tibet, which China is unlawfully inhabiting.

    In a video posted to Twitter, Kanter slammed Chinese President Xi Jinping, who he labeled a “harsh totalitarian” who subjects the ethnic Tibetan people, most of whom practice Buddhism, to political and spiritual persecution as well as human rights atrocities such as abuse and required labor camp imprisonment.

    ” Under the Chinese government’s ruthless rule, Tibetan people’s standard rights and flexibilities are non existent. They are not enabled to study and discover their language and culture freely. They are not allowed to travel easily. They are not permitted to gain access to information freely. The Tibetan individuals are not equally allowed to worship freely,” Kanter stated.

    Like other American corporations depending on the Chinese market and its 1.4 billion customers, the NBA could see its business prospects threatened by Kanter’s pro-Tibet advocacy. International companies such as Nike, which depend on the Chinese market to sustain their fast development, have actually mostly disregarded Beijing’s egregious human rights abuses in Tibet, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang, where much of the nation’s oppressed Uighur Muslim minorities live.

    China attacked and annexed Tibet in the 1950s, thinking the land to be its colonial home, although not without lots of years of Tibetan resistance. To motivate uniformity across Chinese civic life, the program has reduced the Tibetan language and those who speak it, pushing for the supremacy of Mandarin Chinese.

    In the video, Kanter wore a Tee shirts with Dalai Lama portrayed on the front, a photo which is cause for arrest if discovered in a Tibetan’s possession, he declared.

    ” The cultural genocide in Tibet is so stifling that more than 150 Tibetan individuals have burned themselves alive hoping that such a dreadful act of sacrifice will raise awareness and attention towards the continuous abuses within Tibet,” he included.

    On Wednesday, Kanter made a post on Twitter with photos of painted tennis shoes that check out “Free Tibet”, captioning it with: “I stand with my Tibetan brothers and sis, and I support their require Flexibility.”

    In response to Kanter’s outcry, Chinese internet conglomerate Tencent avoided audiences from accessing recent in addition to approaching Celtic video games to stream in the country.

    On the Chinese social media Weibo, a Celtics fan account said it would desert support for the team after Kanter repudiated the routine, writing “Resolutely withstand any behavior that damages national consistency and the dignity of the motherland!,” the New York City Times reported.

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