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Chloe Kim Takes Talk Fashion, Acting and Prince Harry – WWD


Chloe Kim is all smiles. 

The two-time Olympic snowboarding gold medalist sits perched on a fluffy white couch in her Venice home in Los Angeles. The midmorning sunlight streaming in through a nearby window is visible even over Zoom. Kim’s dog Reese, an Australian Shepherd, keeps popping up on the monitor unexpectedly. 

“She just loves her morning attention. So she’s going to be in and out,” Kim told WWD. “And she’s very needy, which I love. Because nothing beats a morning hug.”

Chloe Kim in pieces from the Chloe Kim Signature Collection, a design collaboration with Roxy. Courtesy Photo

Kim herself is soft-spoken and seemingly laid back, but has lots to talk about. In between training (she has previously said she plans to compete again in the 2026 Winter Olympics in Italy), there’s modeling, acting, promoting social issues with the likes of Prince Harry and pondering a possible return to Princeton. 

Most recently, Kim embarked on a design collaboration, her first time playing fashion designer, with apparel and sportswear firm Roxy. The first installment, Chloe Kim Signature Collection, drops Wednesday. 

“It was, like, probably the most fun I’ve had in a very long time,” Kim said. “You know, I think being able to work with people who are so open to and happy to work with whatever I do and came up with, just kind of made it come to life, was the best part. 

Chloe Kim wears the Chloe Kim Signature Collection, a design collaboration with Roxy. Courtesy Photo

“I knew what colors I wanted to work with and all that. But then, like, having to [decide where to] pick up the zipper and decide where to put pockets. Like, that kind of stuff was a little challenging. But it was a lot of fun regardless,” the athlete continued. “At the end of the day I talked to a lot of friends who are designers. Like Cynthia Rowley, for instance, who has a relationship with Roxy, as well. She was like, ‘Just make stuff that you want.’ And the minute she told me that I definitely, like, switched up my approach a bit and stopped driving myself crazy thinking about what other people would want. And just making things that I would want.”

The result is a 10-piece apparel and accessories collection filled with puffy jackets, snow pants, gloves and hats in a variety of colors. 

Kim’s favorite is the bright red snow jacket. 

Chloe Kim in the red jacket from the Chloe Kim Signature Collection, a collaboration with Roxy. Courtesy Photo

“That just kind of started the entire collection,” she explained. “I just wanted to wear something really bright and fun. And I was really into…I got this, like, I want to say it was like a Playboy jacket that was that color and I was wearing it all the time. And I was like, I’d love to have this on the mountain because it’s just fun. And also people can see you from a mile away. So you’ll never lose your friends. 

The red jacket from the Chloe Kim Signature Collection, a collaboration with Roxy. Courtesy Photo

“I think that, again, it was just following the theme of what would I want to wear on the mountain?” she continued. (Kim confirmed that she exclusively wears Roxy outerwear while competing. Underneath, she’s previously worn Skims innerwear.) 

“Honestly, [the Roxy collection] is just like me,” Kim added. “It’s just like, I poured my heart and soul into this and it was my first [time designing]. So I think I just really wanted to incorporate all the things that I love.”

Chloe Kim models the Chloe Kim Signature Collection, a design collaboration with Roxy. Courtesy Photo

Kim was just as passionate about her decision to work with Roxy. She signed with the company in 2019. 

“Growing up I’ve always been a huge fan [of Roxy], you know?” she said. “[Australian snowboarder and Olympic medalist] Torah Bright was a huge idol of mine. And just seeing how incredible her and Roxy were working together, I think that I always thought that I would love the opportunity with Roxy myself one day.”

The Roxy x Chloe Kim partnership is deep in collaboration mode for several future collections. “I think we’re working on one that’s coming out in 2025. Isn’t that crazy?” she said.

But Kim has other ventures — and aspirations — on her plate.  

Chloe Kim snowboarding. Courtesy Photo

In addition to her partnerships with Roxy, Skims and Nike, she’s been on the cover of Sports Illustrated and Time magazines, attended the Met Gala in a Giambattista Valli Couture ballgown, has her own character in Fortnite, spoken out about mental health and still found time to stop by “The Late Late Show With James Corden” earlier this year. Her Instagram account shows her jetting off to new locations all over the world on the regular. There’s no denying it: Chloe Kim is on fire. 

Could she find time to launch her own fashion brand as well?    

“I think I’ve always had this fantasy that I could have my own brand one day. But I don’t know how soon or later that would come,” she said. “[But] I don’t think I would do [a] snow [brand]. I think I would just do street style. Just because I’m really on the mountains for what, four months out of the year? And the rest of the year I’m in Los Angeles. So just having that covered would be fun. But, yeah. That’s like not even in the books right now, so I think all my designing energy will just go into Roxy until that day comes. I’m honestly just kind of taking this as experience [with Roxy] as well and see if [fashion] is something I would like to do, later on after my [snowboarding] career. But for now, it’s like a fun little side gig.” 

The Chloe Kim Signature Collection is a design collaboration with Roxy. Courtesy Photo

There’s also acting. Kim started going on auditions “maybe a month ago and it’s been fun,” and she would love to land a role in a comedy. 

“Just because I love cracking jokes,” Kim said. “I’d love to goof around on set; that would be fun. I think [acting] is something that I’ve always wanted to do. So that’s kind of been my priority these days. But, you know, obviously, using my platform to talk about mental health and other things going on in the world have also been really important.” 

That includes teaming with Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and chief impact officer at coaching and mental health start-up BetterUp, for conversation on mental fitness. 

“Prince Harry is probably the sweetest person; one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met in my life,” Kim said. “Like, we had a great conversation on and off camera. And just, like, so genuine and kind, and, you know, of course everything they’re doing over at BetterUp is just incredible and they are talking about issues that are extremely important to be talked about. So I think I’m just going with the flow, you know? Whatever comes my way.”

With so many projects going on at once, it’s hard to know where fans will see Kim next — or which one of her priorities will take precedence. “What is next for me?” she wonders out loud. One thing is for sure, Kim said fashion will always be important to her. 

“I just think, growing up in L.A., especially, and traveling the world at such a young age, [fashion] was always like a little piece of home I could bring with me wherever I went,” she explained. “I feel like I can express myself, depending on what I wear and it’s just been like a nice outlet for me.”

As for the first collaboration with Roxy, Kim added, smiling: “As long as you know that it’s fun and it’s super cozy and I’m obsessed with it — so you will be, too — that’s all you need to know.” 

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