Chris Noth and Wife Tara Wilson’s Relationship Timeline


    Chris Noth and Wife Tara Wilson’s Relationship Timeline

    Big may have had a handful of messy relationships during Sex and the City, but Chris Noth‘s romance has been seamless, to say the least.

    The Law & Order alum has been married to Tara Wilson since 2012, but the pair met more than 10 years before. Despite their 27-year age difference, they hit it off rather early — and went to great lengths to keep their relationship private.

    In 2013, one year after the pair tied the knot in an intimate Maui, Hawaii, wedding, Noth revealed that he had received horrific letters about his interracial romance.

    “When I was in a play on Broadway two years ago, I’d occasionally get letters of outrage, usually from somewhere in Alabama or something, saying you know, ‘Don’t come down here with your wife,’” he told the Wall Street Journal at the time, adding that he was hopeful things were getting better in the world. “We’re all getting together. We’re all mixing it up.”

    Best known for his role as John Preston, a.k.a. Mr. Big, Noth also brought up his wife while reflecting on the character in 2021, ahead of the debut of the Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That.

    “I never saw him as an alpha male, that’s so funny that you say that. But it’s true, I do get offers to play these power-broker types,” he shared with The Guardian at the time. “I know how to put on a suit, but my wife put it perfectly when she said: ‘I don’t think people realize that you’re kind of schlubby.’”

    While the couple remain out of the spotlight, they have worked together multiple times. First, she worked at his New York City bar. Years later, they opened a tearoom together in 2008. “It’s a place where a mother or a couple can relax and kids can play. We have costumes and children’s yoga,” the Good Wife alum shared of Once Upon a Teacup, located in Windsor, Ontario. “I had no idea when we started this that we’d be bringing our own child there. I can’t wait to watch my son dress up as a fireman or a cop.”

    In 2009, the pair starred alongside one another in the indie film Frame of Mind, one year after welcoming their first son, Orion.

    “My son makes me laugh every day. He’s got a little of my goofball in him. He still loves poop jokes,” he told Australia’s WHO magazine in 2016 of his then-8-year-old son, four years before welcoming baby No. 2. “He’ll text me poop emojis and then sign, ‘Daddy, it’s Orion,’ and I’m like, ‘I know!’ Boys never get over that.”

    Scroll through the gallery for a timeline of their romance:

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    Chris Noth and Wife Tara Wilson’s Relationship Timeline

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