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Clyde Shavers’ father accuses him of lying about military record


A Democratic candidate for the state House in Washington is involved in an ongoing feud with his family about the veracity of his military service.

The father of Clyde Shavers, Democratic candidate for Washington state’s 10th Legislative District, claims in a recently published letter that his son lied about the details of his service in the U.S. Navy, according to local outlet Herald Net.

Clyde Shavers has run on a platform emphasizing his service in the U.S. Navy, claiming to have been installed as a nuclear submarine officer — a position which requires a great amount of training and three separate courses.

“Clyde was never a submarine officer, not even for a day,” Brett Shavers wrote.

Brett Shavers, a former Marine, went on to dismiss any notions that his son served proudly in the military, going so far as to say Clyde Shavers has a “disdain” for enlisted service members.

“Clyde has only disdain for the military. I have seen Clyde’s use of veteran status used heavily as a seal of endorsement of honor and integrity, even as he or his campaign continually use the phrase ‘son of a Marine’ for his credibility,” Brett Shavers wrote. 

Clyde Shavers
Clyde Shavers’ father claims he is lying about being a Navy nuclear submarine officer.
Elect Clyde Shavers

He continued, “There are no words that I have that could come close to overemphasize Clyde’s negative view of the military, his disdain of enlisted service members, and his revulsion to wear the uniform.”

Brett Shavers reportedly sent the signed letter on Sunday to the campaign of Greg Gilday — Clyde’s Republican opponent. The text was then circulated to local outlets, including the Daily Herald and Herald Net.

Clyde Shavers
Clyde Shavers says his dad is politically motivated.
Elect Clyde Shavers

Brett Shavers went on in his letter to allege that his son is also only tied to the 10th Legislative District by renting a bed and breakfast in the area.

He also claims Clyde Shavers embellished his family history and law credentials. 

Clyde Shavers has denied his father’s claims outright, saying that the letter is “inaccurate” and “all about politics.”

“His political letter is inaccurate and, personally, very painful to me as his son,” Shavers said of his father’s claims. “To be clear, this letter is all about politics.”

He continued, “This is the kind of politics that’s tearing apart families and communities, and my campaign is about healing and moving forward.”

Fox News Digital reached out to Clyde Shavers and Brett Shavers for comment.

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