College Newspaper Suggests That Abolishing Campus Police Might Improve Trainee Security


    College Paper Suggests That Abolishing Campus Police Might Improve Trainee Security

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    paper editorial board suggested today that the campus’s” security concern “could be resolved by “straight-out abolishing “the campus police.” From their own public

    declarations to their racist history and present, it is clear the BUPD is not created, nor does it appear ready, to protect all trainees on campus. Defunding this institution– or outright eliminating it– and developing brand-new services in its wake that better address student and neighborhood requirements may really enhance student safety,” the editorial board of the Daily Free Press composed in an editorial on Wednesday. The editorial, initially reported byFox News, goes on to keep in mind that” abolition needs that

    we develop more social work that would deal with individuals’sneeds and neighborhood security.”” To put it merely, you would always have somebody to call– the number would just be different, “the editorial stated.”

    For example, BU might increase financing for Scarlet SafeWalk, a program in which students escort anyone sensation risky to their house. BU could develop a mental health job force particularly created to deal with mental health crises and expand funding and resources for BU’s Sexual Attack Reaction and Avoidance Center.” The editorial board argues that” racist cops organizations” can not create a safe school, and it declares the campus police department” has an egregious history and present

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