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Doneger Group Partnering With Lambert + Associates – WWD


The Doneger Group, which recently rebranded itself as Doneger I Tobe, has entered into a strategic relationship with the Paris-based Lambert + Associates, an international consulting firm.

Lambert also operates The Style Pulse, a curated business-to-business marketplace operating in the fashion and luxury retail space.

The tie-up between Doneger and Lambert creates a more expansive network of retailers and brands that will increase global opportunities for clients. The two firms could share clients.

The Doneger l Tobe client base will also be able to access “highly exclusive European markets and the greater EMEA through Lambert + Associates as a result of its market trust and credibility,” the companies said in a joint announcement.

“The Lambert client base will benefit from Doneger l Tobe’s knowledge and access to a coveted U.S. and North American market, from navigating the retail landscape to manufacturing partnerships and multifaceted marketing and licensing opportunities,” the statement indicated.

Helen Lambert

“For both companies, this alliance provides clients with opportunities to identify new brands, market relationships and cultural trends and movements.”

“Working with Helen Lambert and her team, who have proximity to key markets throughout Europe, will provide exciting opportunities and expanded international knowledge for our company and our clients,” said Abbey Doneger, president and chief executive officer of Doneger I Tobe.

Helen Lambert, CEO of Lambert + Associates and The Style Pulse, added: “In partnering with Doneger I Tobe, and gaining access to expertise throughout the U.S. market, we can see the prospect of developing an unparalleled knowledge and network to help our clients build top-level strategies.”

The Doneger Group, founded in 1946, acquired Tobe in 2005. Tobe was founded in 1927. The operations were recently combined, creating what Doneger described as “a forward-thinking fashion merchandising and consumer insights agency and consultancy.” Doneger, which has offices in New York and Los Angeles, California, said his company provides his clients with research and consulting on business and creative strategies on branding and positioning, consumer engagement with brands, merchandising and curation, design direction, and marketing and messaging.

Lambert has been in business for about 40 years. The firm works with clients to address challenges and build solutions. The Style Pulse digital platform offers retailers “a discovery tool for ready-to-wear, accessories, lifestyle and beauty with a targeted and curated lens toward market newness in global sourcing,” the statement indicated.

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