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    Twitter Crypto. The Dedicated Team Aimed At Exploring DApps And More
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    <p><em>“We’ll be working to figure out what crypto can do for Twitter, as well as what Twitter can do for crypto,</em>” said team lead <strong>Tess Rinearson</strong>.</p>
    <p>Social media giant Twitter is expanding further into the crypto space by setting up a team to look into decentralized applications, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.</p>
    <p>According to a Wednesday tweet, Interchain Foundation council member Tess Rinearson will be&nbsp;<a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”>leading</a>&nbsp;a team at the social media company aimed at cryptocurrencies, blockchain and decentralized technology. Rinearson said her team would be working with Twitter’s Bluesky project on a decentralized social media platform as well as “exploring how ideas from crypto communities can help us push the boundaries of what’s possible with identity, community, ownership and more.</p>
    <p>The initiative called Twitter Crypto — not to be confused with Crypto Twitter, which generally refers to the community of crypto users on the platform — will be hiring additional members with engineering and product skills. Based in Berlin, Rinearson&nbsp;<a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”>said</a>&nbsp;she had no plans to leave Germany but would organize a “distributed and cross-cultural” team for the new project.</p>
    <p>“<em>As I build out the team, we’ll be working to figure out what crypto can do for Twitter, as well as what Twitter can do for crypto,</em>” said Rinearson. “<em>Twitter truly “gets” crypto (hello bitcoin tipping &amp; NFTs!) but there’s so much more to explore here.”</em></p>
    <p>The announcement comes less than two months after&nbsp;Twitter first launched crypto tipping&nbsp;for its users through the Lightning Network using the Strike app. The platform’s roughly 200 million daily active users also have the option of adding a Bitcoin (BTC) address directly to their profiles.</p>
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    Wed, 10 Nov 2021 19:51:19 +0000 Alina Tifain
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    Macau GGR Remains Subdued At MOP$5.88 Billion (US$733 Million) In September
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    <p>Macau recorded gross gaming revenue of MOP$5.88 billion (US$733 million) in September,&nbsp;up 32.4% compared with August&nbsp;but still significantly impacted by recent COVID-19 outbreaks in Macau and mainland China.</p>
    <p>According to information published by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, the September GGR figure was 165.9% higher than in September 2020 although it was also the second lowest monthly figure of the year so far and barely half of 2021’s high of MOP$10.45 billion (US$1.30 billion) recorded in May.</p>
    <p>September’s GGR could have been higher but for&nbsp;eight new cases of COVID-19 in Macau&nbsp;towards the end of the month, all linked to hotel quarantine. Those cases saw the border between Macau and Zhuhai subject to strict control measures and all Macau residents&nbsp;required to take a COVID-19 test over a three-day period&nbsp;from 3pm 25 September to 3pm 28 September.</p>
    <p>A measure requiring anyone entering Zhuhai from Macau to enter 14 days of hotel quarantine was still in place as of 1 October, killing off any hopes of a positive start to Golden Week (1 to 7 October).</p>
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    Fri, 01 Oct 2021 12:04:58 +0000 Alina Tifain
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    Gaming Inspection

    Value locked In DeFi Grows 936% In 1 Year, NFT Sector Strengthens: DappRadar
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    <p>New research by analytics platform DappRadar has revealed the extent to which decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible token (NFT) markets have grown this year.</p>
    <p>In its Thursday “<em>Value Flow Report,</em>” DappRadar reported that recent trends have seen sizable growth in NFTs and blockchain gaming but that&nbsp;DeFi is also still generating substantial value.<em>“Although the value flows to some extent from DeFi to NFTs, it appears that both categories are generating value independently.”</em></p>
    <p>DappRadar currently reports a total value locked of $114.8 billion, which is an increase of 936% since the same time last year. The report added that the industry’s total value locked (TVL) grew 75% between July 23 and Sept. 5, reaching a peak of $195 billion across all chains.</p>
    <p>DappRadar did suggest that using TVL was not a good way to measure the movement of value.<em>“Whilst TVL is one of the most important metrics to assess the current state of Decentralized Finance, it is not a metric to understand value flow movement. The TVL is completely dependent on the underlying asset, thus, providing a false optic from the value perspective.”</em></p>
    <p>At the time of compiling the research, 68% of all of the collateral locked in DeFi was based on Ethereum. BSC is the second-largest blockchain in terms of TVL, with $17.8 billion currently locked, or 15.5% of the total. Decentralized exchange PancakeSwap dominates DeFi on BSC with $8.7 billion in TVL. The third-largest chain in terms of DeFi collateral on DappRadar is Polygon with $2.7 billion locked. However, the report did not include data for Solana, which has $9.5 billion locked, according to alternative analytics website&nbsp;<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”>Defi Llama</a>.</p>
    <p>The report noted that NFTs saw record volumes in August, with a total of $5.2 billion worth traded. Ethereum is also the dominant network in the NFT scene with 90% of all the volume on its blockchain.</p>
    <p>NFT marketplace OpenSea is the market leader, and 99.7% of its trades happen on Ethereum despite the platform offering USD Coin (USDC), Dai and Polygon (MATIC) options for sellers. The report concluded that NFT growth has been organic and has not leached a lot of liquidity from DeFi protocols.“<em>All in all, it appears that the value in DeFi is growing constantly, whilst NFTs were able to generate a major value flow in August</em>.”</p>
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    Fri, 01 Oct 2021 11:52:42 +0000 Alina Tifain
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    Banks Protest Crypto Firms’ Claim to Federal Reserve Payments Systems
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    <p>Crypto businesses are seeking access to the&nbsp;<b>US Federal Reserve</b>’s (FED) payments systems that legacy finance institutions use to move money around swiftly. However, in a bid to protect their privileged position in the US financial system, banks are protesting against providing crypto companies with such access.</p>
    <p>Some of the major crypto firms that aim to gain a foothold in these payment systems include digital asset-focused bank&nbsp;<b>Avanti Bank</b>&nbsp;and crypto exchange&nbsp;<b>Kraken</b>, as&nbsp;<a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>reported</a>&nbsp;by The Wall Street Journal.</p>
    <p>The companies say that gaining direct access to the systems would provide them with faster and cheaper ways to process orders from their customers.</p>
    <p>Currently, such firms are required to partner with traditional banks which maintain accounts with the FED, and which claim that their crypto-oriented competitors benefit from relatively light regulations, as well as lack the necessary internal mechanisms to prevent money laundering and other illegal activities. Banks also argue that crypto businesses are not insured with the&nbsp;<b>Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.</b>&nbsp;which makes using their services riskier to US customers.</p>
    <p>Caitlin Long, CEO and Founder of Avanti, has&nbsp;<a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>confirmed</a>&nbsp;that her business recently filed an application to become a Federal Reserve member bank, potentially paving the way for Avanti’s direct access to the payments systems.</p>
    <p>Avanti has “formally submitted to what it had already informally accepted–namely, the very same regulatory capital, compliance and supervisory examination standards that apply to traditional banks,” she&nbsp;<a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>said</a>, before taking a swing at what she described as an application of double standards by legacy banks.</p>
    <p>Long&nbsp;<a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>added</a>&nbsp;that: “Ironically, the bank industry’s lobbyists keep saying crypto needs to be subject to higher standards than traditional banks. But their own banks are now getting into crypto too, and so it’s really funny to watch the bank lobbyists tie themselves in knots.”</p>
    <p>Meanwhile, traditional banks are intensifying their lobbying efforts to prevent crypto-focused competitors from entering the system, as indicated by the latest developments.</p>
    <p>“The questions of whether and how novel charters may have direct access to Reserve Bank accounts and services are ultimately fundamental questions of US payments systems policy,”&nbsp;<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>said</a>&nbsp;an open letter to the FED filed last month by the&nbsp;<b>Bank Policy Institute</b>, which represents the interests of major banks, and the&nbsp;<b>Independent Community Bankers of America</b>.</p>
    <p>“It is reasonable to expect that such applicants will pose heightened risks regarding matters of anti-money-laundering, cybersecurity and consumer protection, as well as safety and soundness,” according to the letter.</p>
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    Mon, 30 Aug 2021 06:00:05 +0000 Editor
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    Federal Reserve

    World Series of Poker Announces Mandatory Vaccination Policy For All Players Ahead Of 2021 Series
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    <p>The <strong>World Series of Poker</strong> has announced a new vaccination policy for this year’s series under which all players and any other attendees will be required to show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 before entry.</p>
    <p>The policy, in place for the duration of&nbsp;this years’ series at the Rio All-Suite Hotel &amp; Casino from 30 September through 23 November, will require participants to show proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 upon first registration to be eligible to participate in any WSOP events.</p>
    <p>The rule will also apply to all media, spectators and vendors and includes a requirement to wear a mask at all times.</p>
    <p>Reaction from within the poker community appears to be broadly positive although a handful of players have threatened to boycott the event citing various anti-vaccination rhetoric.</p>
    <p>WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart said, “This is not a decision we have taken lightly – it is made with no agenda beyond protecting player eligibility and the operations of a unique televised gaming event.</p>
    <p>“The nature of poker is to be in close proximity with your opponents for extended periods of time, and a seat at the World Series of Poker is a commitment for both our company and the participants. We want players to be excited for their return to the WSOP, while offering the greatest level of protection and limiting complications during the tournament this fall.”</p>
    <p>To be considered “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19, participants must receive their final vaccine dose 14 days prior to start date, the WSOP said.</p>
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    Sat, 28 Aug 2021 07:00:30 +0000 Editor
    World Series of Poker

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