Home Celebrity Golden Bachelor’s Kathy Swarts Dodges Questions About ASKN Drama

Golden Bachelor’s Kathy Swarts Dodges Questions About ASKN Drama

Golden Bachelor’s Kathy Swarts Dodges Questions About ASKN Drama

Golden Bachelor Kathy Swarts Dodges Questions About ASKN Drama
Disney/Eric McCandless

Golden Bachelor alum Kathy Swarts is dodging questions about the apparent ASKN fallout, hinting that “natural selection” took hold of their friend group.

“We were a group of fearless women who took this on, and the fact remains — we’re all women,” Kathy, 70, said during the Thursday, February 8, episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast. “As time goes on, you get to know people better and I think that’s just a natural part of life. I can honestly say, I am friends with everybody on the show.”

She continued, “If there’s somebody particular that you’re asking me about, I just think that natural selection takes over.”

When revealing her best friends from the first Golden Bachelor season, Kathy named Susan Noles and Nancy Hulkower.

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“Nancy, Susan and I just got back from St. Martin and had a great time,” Kathy continued. “I might say we did not leave that island in one piece, but we had a great time.”

She added, “I think, like any other season, when you have a bunch of women who are trying to date one man, things happen and people aren’t necessarily themselves. That’s life, it goes on.”

Golden Bachelor Kathy Swarts Dodges Questions About ASKN Drama

Nancy Hulkower, Kathy Swarts, Susan Noles and April Kirkwood
Disney/John Fleenor

The trio’s recent vacation raised eyebrows among Bachelor Nation fans as fellow Golden Bachelor alum April Kirkwood noticeably missing from the trip. The foursome — April, Susan, Kathy and Nancy — referred to themselves as the ASKN ladies while vying for Gerry Turner’s heart on the ABC spinoff, which aired last fall.

“For all of the folks from Texas and PA that are daunting me about why I am not going to St. Martin. Although it is none of your business and there are only three people who knew I cancelled but karma never sleeps,” April wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption from January, listing six “reasons” why she did not go to St. Martin.

“1. I have a job and I can’t keep taking off. 2. My roof had a major leak and I had to pay $4,500.00 so I can’t afford to go. 3. My dogs are freaking out. 4. My son’s birthday is this week and he doesn’t need to see me on a beach at this time in our relationship,” April wrote. “5. I have to go to NY to see my granddaughter and celebrate her 3rd birthday in three weeks so I will be off then. 6. I’m an adult and I have to make decisions that are best for my first love…not partying but my kids and keeping my house.”

April concluded her caption by seemingly throwing shade at the other three women, hinting that they were the “only three people” who knew that she backed out of the trip.

Golden Bachelor Kathy Swarts Dodges Questions About ASKN Drama
ABC/John Fleeno

“This is adult bullying and it is a low, dense energy,” April claimed. “This is a poor example of what adult females should act like.”

Bachelor Nation fans picked up on the drama after the ASKN ladies made their Bachelor debut during the third episode of Joey Graziadei’s season on Monday, February 5.

For a complete recap of week 3 of Joey’s season, listen to Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.