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Hackers utilize ‘The Crying Video game’ apps to set up the ‘Joker’ infection on your mobile phone and empty your checking account


Hackers use ‘The Weeping Game’ apps to install the ‘Joker’ infection on your smart device and empty your bank accounts

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Taking advantage of the appeal of ‘ The Weeping Game’, hackers managed to put in the main Google Play Shop numerous phony apps inspired by the Korean Netflix series. These applications serve as a vehicle for cybercriminals to set up the ‘ Joker’ virus on Android smart devices, popular for emptying users’ savings account without them observing.

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ADEK BERRY|Getty Images Despite the fact that ‘ The Sobbing Video game’ is already officially the most viewed Netflix series of all time, it does not have any main video game or application. However, till October 19, more than 200 apps related to Korean production were registered, as reported on Twitter by Lukas Stefanko, a professional in malware analysis for the computer security business ESET.

” More than 200 applications related to #SquidGame are available on Google Play. It looks like an excellent opportunity to generate income with in-app ads of one of the most popular TV programs without an official video game. The most downloaded of them reached 1 million setups in 10 days. They have actually not handled their game very well, “Stefanko wrote on his Twitter account.

According to the danger professional, one of these apps was positioning as a collection of wallpapers from the program, but in reality it contained the dangerous ‘Joker’ malware.

The hackers even impersonated the name of a company concentrating on creating wallpapers for mobile series and motion pictures. Thus, users fell into the trap and downloaded it, thinking it was a confirmed app.

Although the malicious app motivated by ‘ The Weeping Video game’ has currently been determined and eliminated from the Google Play Store, users can still download it through informal channels.

How the ‘Joker’ virus works that steals cash from your checking account

The destructive software application understood as ‘ Joker’ has been the horror of Android users given that 2017. Its way of operating is as easy as it is creative and dangerous.

It is a Trojan infection that comes from a family of malware called Bread, whose objective is to hack mobile phone expenses and authorize operations without the user’s approval or knowledge.

Once installed on the victim’s smart device, ‘ Joker’ can access text, contacts, and other info. However, the worst feature of this virus is that it modifies the telephone billing services to make charges, license monetary operations and sign up for payment services (usually Premium or the most expensive variation), without the owner understanding.

The victim generally ends up being conscious of the fraud when it is far too late, discovering that somebody has actually been ‘milking’ their checking account until they are empty.

Given that the ‘ Joker’ malware was recorded, the Google Play Store defense systems have gotten rid of more than 1,700 apps that contained it, prior to they were downloaded by users.

In September 2020, the ‘ Joker’ virus was found in 24 Android applications that signed up more than 500 thousand downloads before being eliminated. It is approximated that time it impacted more than 30 nations consisting of the United States, Brazil and Spain. Through unapproved memberships, hackers could take approximately $ 7 (about 140 Mexican pesos) per membership weekly, a figure that has actually more than likely increased in the last year.

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