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Having Trouble with Unsubmitted Work? Set up Tech Procedures

Having Trouble with Unsubmitted Work? Set up Tech Procedures

EOS - Teacher Tech_08.11.2023

Teachers, listen up! Creating technology procedures in your classroom is vital to
ensure a seamless digital learning experience. Just like we used to organize physical
folders with colors, now it’s time to establish efficient digital organization systems for
all students! 📂

Here are some key points to consider while crafting these procedures:

1️⃣Set Clear Expectations: Lay out the guidelines for online essay or project submissions
in a crystal-clear manner. Let your students know the deadlines and consequences for
late submissions.

2️⃣Foster Student Buy-in: Involve your students in the process of creating the
organization system. When they feel included, they are more likely to follow the
procedures diligently.

3️⃣Simplify and Standardize: Keep the procedures straightforward and uniform for
everyone. This consistency will make it easier for both you and your students to keep
track of assignments.

4️⃣Provide Tech Support: Ensure that your students have the necessary tech skills to
navigate digital platforms. Offering guidance and support will boost their confidence.

5️⃣Emphasize the Benefits: Highlight the advantages of staying organized in the digital
environment. A clutter-free workspace leads to greater productivity and less stress!

By implementing technology procedures, you can streamline your classroom’s digital
organization and avoid the frustration of unsubmitted work. Let’s create an efficient
and effective learning environment for both you and your students!

Saving Files for Assignments

Anytime you are closing/saving a file it is imperative that you follow these steps for

Process Examples
Name your document with assignment name. Assignment Name_Week
Assignment Name_Unit.Section
Unit_Assignment Name
Save to your class folder. English 1 Folder
Click the title to see what folder it is
saved too.


Using the Interactive Display Do’s and Don’ts
Anytime you are using the interactive display it is imperative that you follow these steps for

Do’s Don’t
Make sure the teacher gives you
Use the interactive display without permission.
Make sure your hands are clean. Spray the interactive display with anything.
Save items to your periods folder. Delete anything.


Other examples for technology procedures to keep in mind:

  • Email procedures
  • Frequently used websites (Have students “favorite” these at the beginning of the year)
  • Late work for Online assignments
  • Specific naming of files
  • Using Chargers/Forgetting Charger
  • Forgetting Laptop – What do you do?


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