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How Many Lok Sabha Constituencies Are There in Jharkhand?

How Many Lok Sabha Constituencies Are There in Jharkhand?

Jharkhand, a state located in the eastern part of India, holds significant political importance due to its rich cultural heritage and diverse demographics. Understanding the dynamics of its Lok Sabha constituencies is crucial in comprehending the state’s political landscape. In this article, we delve into the number of Lok Sabha constituencies in Jharkhand and explore the significance they hold in the realm of Indian democracy.

How many Lok Sabha Constituencies are there in Jharkhand?

Jharkhand boasts a political landscape with 14 Lok Sabha Constituencies. The representatives of these constituencies, hailing from the heartland of India, are instrumental in advocating for the state’s unique concerns and aspirations on the national stage. Delving into their constituencies and political backgrounds, they significantly shape the nation’s trajectory.

How Seats of Jharkhand in Lok Sabha determined?

Jharkhand, housing around 3.29 crore residents, is represented by 14 Members of Parliament (MPs) in the Lok Sabha. The distribution of Lok Sabha seats is contingent upon a state’s population, and Jharkhand’s 14 seats align with its substantial populace, emphasizing its political prominence on the national stage. This allocation ensures that the state’s citizens are adequately represented in the Indian Parliament in proportion to their demographic size.

Lok Sabha Constituencies in Jharkhand, Name and Member of Parliament, List

Jharkhand’s 14 Members of Parliament (MPs) present a rich tapestry of political diversity, representing various constituencies across the state. Hailing from different political affiliations, they actively participate in shaping policies both at the state and national levels.

Here is the list of Lok Sabha Constituencies in Jharkhand, Member of Parliament and the party to which they belong:

Lok Sabha Constituencies in Jharkhand
S. No. Constituency Name Member of Parliament Party
1. Kodarma Annpurma Devi BJP
2. Khunti Arjun Munda BJP
3. Jamshedpur Bidyut Baran Mahato BJP
4. Giridih Chandra Prakash Choudhary AJSUP
5. Singhbhum Geeta Kora INC
6. Hazaribagh Jayant Sinha BJP
7. Godda Nishikant Dubey BJP
8. Dhanbad Pashupati Nath Singh BJP
9. Ranchi Sanjay Seth BJP
10. Lohardaga Sudarshan Bhagat BJP
11. Chatra Sunil Kumar Singh BJP
12. Dumka Sunil Soren BJP
13. Raajmahal Vijay Kumar Hansdak JMM
14. Palamau Vishnu Dayal Ram BJP

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