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Ingrid Jackel Chats Meridian Grooming, ‘Bare, Buzz, Bush’ Campaign – WWD


As president of brands for Pangaea, Ingrid Jackel is looking to bring new life to Lumin Skin and Meridian Grooming.

The latter is first on the agenda, revamped with the campaign “Bare, Buzz, Bush.” Jackel is reimagining grooming, she said, showcasing self-expression through body hair and offering inclusive, gender-neutral products.

When it comes to electrical trimmers, they’re traditionally marketed for men, she said: “The reality is when you look at the size of the market, it really doesn’t take a genius to realize that the women’s market is totally underserved. It’s a large segment, booming for women, a $1.3 billion category, and it’s mostly filled with, you know, disposable items or painful solutions, very little innovation.”

Combined with the men’s market, at $230 million, “We’re looking now at a $1.6 billion category, much larger,” Jackel added.

Previously the chief executive officer and chairman of Physician’s Formula and CEO of Yes To, grooming is a new focus for Jackel.

“I’m surprised at myself every day, because I didn’t think, quite frankly — coming from cosmetics and skin care — I didn’t think grooming would be quite as exciting somehow,” she said. “And it’s actually just the opposite.”

She looks to shake up the industry, launching redesigned tools and new accessories for travel.

“It’s like a fashion accessory,” she said. “I don’t want to be ashamed to have my trimmer out in a bathroom.”

There are about 20 new items planned for 2023: “It’ll be quite a big year for us.”

Ingrid Jackel, center, with models from Meridian Grooming’s “Bare, Buzz, Bush” campaign.

Courtesy of Meridian Grooming

With Lumin Skin, a skin care brand for men, she’s rethinking the way men have been marketed in the category.

“Everybody’s been waiting for over 15 years for it to be the next big thing in skin care, and it hasn’t yet totally exploded,” she said. “And I think the reason is, because first of all, most of the industry has tackled men’s skin care by giving them women’s skin care with a blue label on top of the bottle and adding something stereotypically masculine to the product.…Not enough time has been spent thinking about men’s perspective and psyche in general and their approach to problem solving.”

Lumin Skin is being repositioned and will be unveiled toward the end of the first quarter of next year. Eurazeo Brands invested in the company in 2021.

“In my mind, it’s really to develop, grow and nurture culture-impacting, iconic brands that connect emotionally with communities of brand lovers across the globe,” Jackel said of her vision ahead. “At this stage in my career, I’ve come to realize that communities are more important than just tangible items.”

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