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Innovation at Father Yermo Schools: Tech-Powered Learning

Innovation at Father Yermo Schools: Tech-Powered Learning

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Father Yermo Schools in El Paso, TX, faced the challenge of engaging their students, especially in science and technology. To address this, they strategically invested in Mimio by Boxlight educational technology, including award-winning MimioSTEM solutions, aiming to enhance 21st-century skills. 

What solutions are Father Yermo teachers and students benefiting from? 

  • Mimio interactive displays transform lesson delivery by engaging students for various purposes including interactive learning, school communications, and collaboration. 
  • The Labdisc all-in-one science labs promote hands-on learning, enabling real-time data collection and collaborative analysis. The Labdiscs are helping educators align instruction with science learning standards, nurturing essential 21st century skills. 
  • The Mimio MyBot system has introduced hands-on coding and robotics experiences, fostering creativity and problem-solving. Integrated into the 8th-grade curriculum, students are exploring its dynamic features, deepening their understanding of robotics. 

Father Yermo Schools highlight a commitment to hands-on science education, STEM skills, and a tech mindset, using Mimio solutions to navigate this transformative journey and shape a brighter future for students. 

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