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Josh Duhamel & Audra Mari Married After His Divorce From Fergie

Josh Duhamel & Audra Mari Married After His Divorce From Fergie

Saying “they do”! Josh Duhamel and Audra Mari are married less than a year after his romantic proposal. The happy couple exchanged vows on September 10 in Josh’s native North Dakota with sources telling People that the pair had “a great time” and that the celebration “was lovely”.

The wedding follows a super romantic proposal in January, in which Josh organized a message in a bottle to wash up on the sand during a tropical getaway. The couple shared the news with their Instagram followers with a sweet snap of the moment, on the sand with the sun setting in the background. “It’s on!!” he wrote in the caption. “She found a message in a bottle that washed ashore and said YES!!”

He told Us Weekly at the time that the decision to pop the question was pretty “last minute”­–so much so that he hadn’t even bought a ring yet. “I just sort of decided last minute that was how I wanted to do it,” he told the publication. “I didn’t have anything planned. I didn’t have a ring yet. I was like, ‘OK, you gonna do this today. Today’s the day.’ And that’s just how it all kind of happened. … I coordinated with [the hotel concierge] there to make sure that bottle was floating up to shore as we were walking out there.”

Back in Mary 2022, Josh spoke to People about his upcoming nuptials, revealing that he and his fiancée were in “full prep mode” but because his filming schedule had been so busy, Audra was doing most of the work. “Thankfully she’s really good at it,” he said. “I’m there to sort of answer questions or if she’s got questions about something.” He explained that his requests for their special day were minimal to make sure he stayed in the moment. “Most of the stuff I don’t care about,” he said. “I just want there to be great music, I want to have people around that we love, and I want be present. I want to make sure that when the night comes, I don’t want to be overcome by the moment. I just want to be present and have a great time.” Josh and Audra’s marriage comes three years since he announced his split from Fergie after eight years of marriage and the birth of one child, eight-year-old Axl Jack.

Josh has been busy working on a few projects, most interestingly the upcoming survival horror video game The Callisto Protocol, in which he plays the main character Jacob Lee. It’s set in 2320 on a moon of Jupiter (of which there are 53) that humankind has never set foot on known as Callisto. There’ll be aliens, jumpscares and gore aplenty in this highly anticipated release by Striking Distance Studios, published by Krafton.