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Largest Railway Station in India

Largest Railway Station in India

Indian railway plays a crucial role in transportation, moving millions of passengers and goods daily. It ranks fourth in the world with around 114,500 km track and about 7,500 stations. In this article, we will know about the largest railway station in India and some interesting facts related to it.

Largest Railway Station in India

The largest railway station in India by total area and platforms is Howrah Junction (station code: HWH) located in Howrah, West Bengal. It has the highest train-handling capacity and serves as a major transportation hub in the country. Here is the list of largest railway station in India:

Name No. of Platforms No. of tracks No. of daily trains City State
Howrah Junction Railway Station 23 23 286 Howrah West Bengal
Sealdah Railway Station 21 28 78 Kolkata West Bengal
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus 18 40 (multiple) 130 Mumbai Maharashtra
Chennai Central Railway Station 17 30 170 Chennai Tamil Nadu
New Delhi Railway Station 16 18 342 New Delhi Delhi
Ahmedabad Junction Railway Station 12 16 340 Ahmedabad Gujarat
Kharagpur Junction Railway Station 12 24 265 Kharagpur West Bengal

About Largest Railway Station in India: Howrah Junction Railway Station

Opened: 1854

Station code: HWH

Zone: Eastern Railway & South Eastern Railway

Divisions: Howrah & Kharagpur

Platforms: 23

Tracks: 25

It is the oldest, largest and busiest railway complex in India as well as one of the busiest and largest train stations in the world. Howrah is one of six intercity train stations serving the Kolkata metropolitan area, the others being Sealdah, Dankuni, Santragachi, Shalimar and Kolkata railway station.

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