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Marrisa Wilson’s ‘Rhythmic’ Fall Collection – WWD

Marrisa Wilson’s ‘Rhythmic’ Fall Collection – WWD

Titled “Rhythmic,” Marrisa Wilson’s fall collection was inspired by the founder and creative director’s experience as a competitive dancer growing up. 

“I did tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary — all of that. I really love the connection of music and was doing a deep dive into understanding my own process. There’s always a musical element within each of my collections; when I start designing, I start with a playlist to set the mood – almost as if I’m choreographing in my head,” Wilson told WWD during an appointment. “I was listening to a lot of jazz music to start, while researching Katherine Dunham, who’s considered the matriarch of modern Black dance. Pat Cleveland closed our show, and she actually studied with Dunham when she was five years old. It made for an authentic, full-circle connection.”

A look from Marrisa Wilson Fall 2023.

Jonas Gustavsson

Wilson’s inspiration paved the way for fall’s hand-painted prints, like abstract circular motifs inspired by ballet’s Rond de jambe movement, or an evolution of her contemporary sport silhouettes, like a lime colored polo dress or tailored utility set. The biggest news, and strongpoint of the collection, stemmed from new novelty knitwear and bright, washed denim — both of which upheld Wilson’s optimistic elan, which her customers seek out. In addition to opening up to the wider market for wholesale (she primarily sells direct-to-consumer) for fall, Wilson was named a FGI Rising Star Finalist for ready-to-wear in February.