Home Celebrity Meghan King Posts Thirst Traps Showing Off Boob Job: Photos

Meghan King Posts Thirst Traps Showing Off Boob Job: Photos


The blonde beauty shared why she felt the need to post the pictures in the first place.

“I ask myself if that aligns with the message of authenticity I want to always send and my answer is, yes, I think it does. Because living authentically doesn’t have to make sense to others, my mind is allowed to change and I’m allowed to change. I like feeling confident but I’m my biggest critic. I’d love to look at my body and say, ‘Wow, you’re beautiful just the way you are,’ and now, with the help of a breast implant exchange, a teeny rhino, and some Sculptra to keep my face plump, I do. Plus look at that body! Can you believe it bore 3 kids and gained 70 lbs? Check out that hernia! I earned that! Diastasis! Shall we compare birth stories?!——- The point is not that we judge one another for supposed inconsistencies, but celebrate their authenticity to themself. YOU. ME. We are our OWN bosses, we run our OWN shows, and we report to OURSELVES. (Behind the scenes and more on this in my IG subscription),” she continued.

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