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Millie Bobby Brown Debuts Freshly Cut Birkin Bangs Hairstyle


Now that the season has officially changed and we’re practically verging on entering into rain storm territory *collective sigh*, it only means one thing: bangs are making a comeback. And I know what you’re thinking ‘bangs never went away’. And to that, I say you are correct. But what better time than now than to give them a little refresh? After all, your forehead deserves a lil warmth in these chillier climes, too… lol. And proving just that is Enola Holmes 2 star, Millie Bobby Brown with her Jane Birkin-inspired cut.

Now, if you’re none the wiser to the iconic Birkin’s bangs, allow me to fill you in. Back in the 1960s and ’70s, the eyebrow grazing length and wispy lightness became a key component of the singer’s signature look. And now, the style is taking off again thanks to the likes of Mils and Lily Collins.

Oh, and if you thought the name sounded familiar, you would be right in thinking that the infamous Hermes Birkin bag is named after Jane. The more you know, ey! But I digress…

Take a look at Millie’s interpretation below:

Although the bangs aren’t completely new (they first appeared on our feeds back in September), Millie has most certainly had them trimmed. To compare, here’s a look at the length before:

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I mean, bangs do require a lot of maintenance… my four-year-old blocky-fringed self would know. But in the case that you’re tempted by Mils’ fringe, we recommend investing in the Hair by Sam McKnight Lazy Girl Biodegradable Hair Cleanse Cloths, £17.

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They really are the ultimate hair hack.

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