Home Entertainment MimioPro 4 Firmware Update – Summer Release 2023

MimioPro 4 Firmware Update – Summer Release 2023

MimioPro 4 Firmware Update – Summer Release 2023


We are excited to announce that a firmware update for the MimioPro 4 is coming soon! An OTA update will be available July 7, 2023 exclusively for MimioPro 4. For more information on utilizing NDMS Premium for OTA updates, kindly reach out to [email protected]. 


Release Notes 

  • Updated home screen with QR code for documentation 
  • Clock Auto Color change for dark backgrounds 
  • Ability to export from AirClass 
  • Improvements to Unplug’d 
    • Touch support in display group 
    • Webcast performance improvements 
  • Display app names in the side tool bar. 
    • Screen Lock is now called ‘Switch User’ 
    • Chrome browser (added by default) 
    • Opera browser 
    • LYNX (added by default) 
    • CleverLive 
    • WPS 
    • NDMS 
    • Unplug’d (added by default) 
    • OTA Support – Add OTA files to repositories and push to select devices  
    • Remove QR code from WiFi Settings 
    • Add switch to Share Network – by turning this off, NIC pass thru over USB-C can be controlled 
    • Ability to choose default browser 
    • Add Standby Time options when no touch is detected 



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