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Most popular streets for NSW home buyers from Bondi to Byron Bay


They stand beside some of our most coveted waterways, or boast big new homes close to bushland or life’s essentials and they offer homeowners the ultimate bragging rights.

A study by PropTrack has uncovered NSW’s most popular streets with homebuyers based on searches of listings on realestate.com.au.

And most were located in Sydney’s waterfront suburbs, cheaper pockets of the city’s west or the Byron Bay region.

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The state’s most popular street was Princes St, a small road flanked by waterfront homes in the northern beaches suburb of Newport.

A view of Mount Olympus St, Bardia, one of the most popular streets in NSW.

Property listings on the street, which drops down to a sheltered cove of Pittwater dotted with prize yachts, attracted a higher number of average visits than any other street in the state.

And naturally that has meant the properties usually come with big price tags – the average value of homes on the street is $2.5 million.

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The ‘working class’ suburbs still recording growth

Belle Property agent Greg Griffin, who has sold many of the homes on the street, said those familiar with it wouldn’t be surprised by the popularity.

12 Bimbadgen Place, Bella Vista

Bimbadgen Place in Bella Vista was the most popular street in the Hills District.

“It’s a tightly held street. Few of the homeowners ever sell. When they do, we get a huge response from buyers,” he said, adding that many of the waterfront homes had private boating facilities.

Other streets ranked among the state’s most popular were Mount Olympus St in southwest suburb Bardia and Muscatel Way in Orchard Hills, 52km west of the Sydney CBD.

The former has mostly newly-built houses, while the latter is filled with acreages with some of Western Sydney’s largest houses.

The most popular street outside of Sydney was Little Forest Rd in the small settlement of Little Forest on the south coast.

MARCH 20, 2001 : Monteith Street, Turramurra where Sikh community prayer hall is situated, 20/03/01. Pic Tracee Lea.
NSW / Road

Monteith St in Turramurra was one of the most popular streets on the upper north shore.

Other popular streets on the north shore included Neridah St in Chatswood, home to many up-market homes.

The street is dominated by a palatial, Mexican-style house that was up for sale earlier this year and attracted considerable interest from sticky beakers admiring the unique architecture.

Other popular streets like Neridah St in Chatswood and Bimbadgen Rd in Bella Vista were located in what one buyer’s agent said was the “sweet spot” for amenities and transport.

“Most people want a street that’s really quiet, but they also want to be close to everything,” said buyer’s agent Lloyd Edge, the founder of Aus Property Professionals.

“Only a few streets in an area will have that. Some suburbs won’t have any streets like that.”

Mr Edge said the homeowners who lived on the most popular streets seldom listed their properties for sale and new buyers who wanted to live at those addresses usually had to pay more.

Year Ahead

Chadwick real estate agent Lynette Malcolm said streets made a big difference in sales.

“We’ve had some clients who detail exactly what street they want to live on, but sometimes there are no houses up for sale on that street, so they will door knock to see if someone will sell,” Mr Edge said.

“Streets that are always popular are usually pretty leafy. They will be quiet, wider than normal for the area, and they’ll be close to a train line, but won’t get any of the noise.

“They are also in the best school catchments for the area. In some suburbs, getting all of that is really difficult. A good street can make a huge difference.”

Streets offering cheaper blocks in an area normally dominated by pricey housing were also among the most popular.

Princes St, Newport has been ranked the most popular NSW street by PropTrack.

Monteith St in Turramurra was one of the most popular streets on the upper north shore.

With a median value of $2.4 million, properties on the street were about $600,000 below the average for the suburb.

Chadwick Real Estate agent Lynette Malcolm has been selling properties in the area for 15 years and said many of the home seekers who bought on the street were looking for a cheaper entry point into the suburb.

“A lot of the houses are battle-axe blocks,” she said. “It’s also in a really good public school catchment.”


(by avg. buyer views per realestate.com.au listing)

1 Princes St, Newport

2 Mount Olympus St Bardia

3 Muscatel Way Orchard Hills

4 Little Forest Rd Little Forest

5 Ewingsdale Rd Byron Bay

6 Talavera Rd Macquarie Park

7 Neridah St Chatswood

8 Fairfield Ave Windsor

9 Cylinders Dr Kingscliff

10 Haven St Merrylands

11 Lachlan Ave Sylvania Waters

12 Murray St Jewells

13 Grey St Clarence Town

14 Hillmont Ave Thornleigh

15 Kalang Rd Kalang

16 Brook St Naremburn

17 Monteith St Turramurra

18 Bimbadgen Pl Bella Vista

19 Brompton Rd Bellambi

20 East Seaham Rd East Seaham

Source: PropTrack