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Nurse accused of recording himself sexually abusing patients


An ICU nurse from Colorado has been accused of sexually assaulting unconscious patients in his care — and videotaping the abuse for what he chillingly dubbed his “Dexter Collection,” according to police.

Christopher Lambros, 61, an employee of St. Mary’s Medical Center in Grand Junction, was arrested last week on three counts of sexual assault on a victim unable to consent.

Lambros’ arrest came more than three months after police were called to the hospital on July 9 for a report claiming that one of Lambros’ colleagues had caught him taking selfies with an unconscious patient’s genitals.

The hospital worker who tipped off the cops told them that she had gone into the ICU room that night to check on a patient, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by the station Fox 31.

When she entered the room, she noticed that the lights were turned off and the curtain was drawn around the bed.

When the woman opened the curtain, she said, she discovered the patient lying unconscious with her hospital gown pulled up to reveal her breasts, and the bed cover pulled down showing her genitals.

According to the complainant, she saw Lambros with his head resting on the patient’s stomach with a phone in his hand in a position suggesting he was snapping a selfie.

The document stated that when Lambros saw the colleague enter the room, he dropped his phone and covered up the patient.

When interviewed by investigators, Lambros claimed he was giving the patient an injection to prevent blood clots, which is administered in the stomach area, explaining why the woman’s body was uncovered.

Lambros denied taking any photos of the patient and alleged that he and the employee who accused him of improprieties had “petty workplace issues.”

Lambros’ phone was later confiscated, and a digital forensic analysis revealed photos and videos of the nurse posing with several unconscious victims and performing lewd acts on them, including “sucking on victims’ breasts and digitally penetrating victims,” the affidavit stated.

According to the affidavit, one clip allegedly showed Lambros sexually assaulting a patient while whispering, “don’t ever get rid of these videos” and “you need to keep them forever … this is your Dexter collection.”

Lambros was apparently referring to the fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan from the hit Showtime series “Dexter” who collected blood slides of his victims as trophies.

Lambros was booked into the county jail on $250,000 bond. He is due back in court Friday, reported NBC 11 News.

St. Mary’s Hospital released a statement saying Lambros was fired following his arrest after previously being placed on administrative leave.

“What this former nurse is accused of is reprehensible and goes against everything we believe and value at St. Mary’s Medical Center,” said Bryan Johnson, president of the hospital. “Patients put their trust in us and should feel safe in our care.”

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