Offbeat Reasons for Gratitude


    Offbeat Reasons for Gratitude

    < img width= "789" height= "460" src ="" class="attachment-featured-single size-featured-single" alt loading=" lazy" sizes ="( max-width: 789px) 100vw, 789px" srcset =" 300w, 768w, 459w, 789w, 50w, 1592w" > The Museum of Arts staff went on a one-day strike to oppose advantage problems and low wages as they picketed in front of the museum’s main entryway on Huntington Avenue in Boston, Mass., November 17, 2021.( John Tlumacki/The Boston World by means of Getty Images)
    Why unions, bad management, and a naked artist inspire thankfulness.


    arlier this week I discussed appreciation in the context of the Addison Gallery’s new director, appointed recently. I was director for many years, leaving in 2013, and the museum, which I love, had a long, sad slide. I like the new director a lot. Today I’ll discuss a few more random littles thankfulness I felt this Thanksgiving.

    Freshly unionized employees at the Museum of Great Arts in Boston went on a one-day strike last week. A year back, by a vote of 85 to 15 percent, what I call museum creatives– curators, fundraising events, designers, tech types, curators,

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