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Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Says He Gets ‘Mad’ if Son’s Full Name Isn’t Used

Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Says He Gets ‘Mad’ if Son’s Full Name Isn’t Used

Patrick Mahomes is a doting dad to his and wife Brittany Mahomes’ two kids and has specific preferences regarding their names.

“My second child, Patrick Mahomes III,” Brittany, 28, said during the Friday, January 26, episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show while discussing the 14-month-old’s allergies and her resulting partnership with epinephrine manufacturer AUVI-Q. “I have to say his real name or his dad will get mad.”

She clarified, “His name is Patrick [and] we call him Bronze.”

Brittany gave birth to her second child in November 2022 days before she and Patrick, 28, announced that their little one’s name is Patrick Lavon Mahomes III with a pic of the newborn next to a jeweled chain with the word “Bronze” on it. (Patrick’s full name is Patrick Lavon Mahomes II and he was named after his father, Pat Mahomes Sr.)

Patrick Mahomes and Wife Brittany Matthews' Family Photos

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Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews have embraced their roles as parents after welcoming children Sterling and Bronze. The couple, who started dating in high school, got engaged in August 2020 after Mahomes’ Super Bowl LIV win earlier that year. One month after the quarterback proposed, the pair announced that Matthews was pregnant with their first […]

“My brother Jackson [Mahomes], whenever we were trying to find something that was a little unique and different, he said, ‘What about Bronze? It fits perfectly with Sterling,’” Patrick revealed during a press conference later that month, referring to his and Brittany’s daughter, now 2. “So, we went with that.”

Patrick added at the time: “It works out well. He can have his own thing now where he’s not Patrick, he’s Bronze, even though he’s Patrick. And, Sterling and Bronze can have that connection moving forward.”

Brittany Mahomes Jokes Husband Patrick Will Get Mad If She Doesnt Say Son Bronzes Real Name

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes
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Patrick and Brittany were high school sweethearts, getting engaged in 2020 after he won his first Super Bowl championship with the Kansas City Chiefs. Less than one year later, they welcomed daughter Sterling. (Patrick and Brittany got married in March 2022 ahead of her pregnancy with Bronze.)

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Patrick Mahomes always has his family in his corner. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is the son of Pat Mahomes and Randi Mahomes. Before divorcing in 2006, the exes welcomed son Jackson in May 2005. Following their split, both Randi and Pat moved on and welcomed children with other partners. Randi is the mom of […]

While Patrick is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL — and currently in contention for his team to clinch the AFC Championships for the second year in a row — he is also a devoted parent.

“I think everybody knows it’s hard work, but I think balancing football with life and just being a normal guy and [having] a normal family, I think that’s what people are really gonna see, not only from me, but from Marcus [Mariota] and from Kirk [Cousins],” Patrick exclusively told Us Weekly in July 2023, specifically in reference to his Quarterback docuseries on Netflix. “And you could still be great at your profession but have a great family too. We wanted to show people a glimpse of what it is to be in the NFL and to have a great family. And I think we did that.”