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Pomellato Funds Restoration Project in St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice – WWD


PUT A RING ON IT: Pomellato has renewed its love vows to the city of Venice by funding the restoration of the Epistle Ambo pulpit at the landmark St. Mark’s Basilica. To carry out the project, the Kering-owned jewelry house partnered with the international nonprofit organization Venetian Heritage, whose mission is to preserve and safeguard the city’s artistic legacy.

Pomellato Group’s chief executive officer Sabina Belli described the initiative as “a significant project for Venice that makes me immensely proud, and is testament, once again, to Pomellato’s focus on the conservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of this wonderful city.”

To mark the initiative, Pomellato also developed a capsule collection of its Iconica ring paying tribute to the city’s artistic references by nodding to the iconic mosaics of the church and their colors.

A sketch of the Iconica Venezia rings by Pomellato.

Crafted in rose gold, the ring style is available in two versions, one with red porphyry and garnet and the other with green porphyry and green tourmaline. Available in a limited edition, the Iconica Venezia rings are now exclusively sold at the Pomellato store in Venice.

The Epistle Ambo is a key element of the city’s legendary Basilica, as in the past it indicated where the doge — the title bestowed on chiefs of state in the Italian city during the medieval and Renaissance periods — used to address the Venetians from and attend services at the church.

Made of red porphyry, a stone that according to Byzantine tradition was reserved for emperors, the structure was already in precarious condition when the exceptional flooding that hit Venice in 2019 further damaged the flooring of the Basilica and weakened the ground below the pulpit.

Begun in March 2022, the restoration works of the Epistle Ambo will be completed by the end of the year.

The Epistle Ambo under restoration.

This is not Pomellato’s first initiative in support of the city’s artistic heritage. As reported, last year the company already tied up with Venetian Heritage to help restore the monument dedicated to Francesco Morosini, who was named the city’s doge in 1688.

Erected at the time of Morosini’s death in 1694, the monument is located in the city’s Church of Santo Stefano, in the eponymous square. The restoration works were carried out during lockdown months, when cultural sites were closed to the public, and were completed last year.

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