PS5 restock alert: GAME is dropping disc and digital consoles THIS MORNING!


    PS5 restock alert: GAME is dropping disc and digital consoles THIS MORNING!

    As T3 has confirmed in its authoritative PS5 restock tracker, GAME has officially confirmed it is making its next wave of PlayStation 5 consoles available this morning.

    T3 reported on the confirmation of the console drop first yesterday, when GAME jumped its own gun and mistakenly posted up on Twitter that is was dropping fresh PS5 stock that morning. GAME’s social media team quickly rowed back on that, though, apologising to gamers and confirming the drop would happen instead this morning (Nov 17th).

    Check for PS5 stock now at GAME

    And now the morning of the GAME PS5 restock has arrived. As such, any gamer who is interested in buying a PlayStation 5 needs to head right on over to GAME’s PS5 product page right now, sign in to their GAME account, and then refresh the page regularly.

    GAME has been very specific in describing when its PS5 consoles are going to be made available, too, with the retailer stating that, “this morning we will be going live with a selection of PlayStation 5 consoles”. As such, we advise gamers to block out 6am through to 12pm as the drop window.

    PS5 restock

    (Image credit: GAME)

    This PS5 restock, which is expected to deliver both disc and digital consoles, as well as console bundles, marks the latest drop in a consistent run from the retailer that stretches back almost a month and a half now.

    This frequency of PS5 restocks at GAME has almost certainly been aided by Sony arranging the emergency charter of three extra jumbo jet cargo planes to fly PS5 stock into the UK, which were then distributed to numerous major retailers.

    This frequency of fresh PS5 stock dropping along with GAME’s increasingly robust ‘anti scalping policy’ systems that are designed to stop scalpers and their AI-powered reseller bots from hijacking restocks means tens of thousands of gamers have been bagging consoles at GAME recently.

    And that, in the run up to Christmas, is a great thing, as many gamers want to be playing the best PS5 games over the winter holiday season and not be left empty handed a year after the PlayStation 5 actually launched.

    Published at Wed, 17 Nov 2021 05:58:15 +0000

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