Home Celebrity ‘Royal Racists’ Issue To Surround Samantha Markle & Meghan Markle Case

‘Royal Racists’ Issue To Surround Samantha Markle & Meghan Markle Case

‘Royal Racists’ Issue To Surround Samantha Markle & Meghan Markle Case

Meghan Markle could be sworn to address “family matters” while under oath in Samantha Markle’s upcoming court case! The latter’s attorney, Peter Ticktin, claims that the “translation error” naming controversy in Omid Scobie’s Endgame “needs to be explored” in the upcoming hearing, which could once again place the Duchess of Sussex having to legally explain her association with the author.

“There’s reasons why she abandoned her family and turned on her family. This is a person who wants to be able to say horrible things and not really care if she destroyed the lives of people in her family. She doesn’t care if she destroys the monarchy,” Ticktin added.

Samantha’s court showdown is predicted to be one of 2024’s most anticipated moments for both detractors and fans of the former Suits actress. The trial will take place in Tampa, Fla., on November 4 across five days. The writer of Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister is seeking $75,000 in damages stemming from claims the Duchess of Sussex made about her during the 2021 bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview. Samantha is also accusing Meghan of doing the same in her and Prince Harry’s blockbuster 2022 Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan.

She alleges that the Duchess’ comments about her caused her book (about Meghan) to decline in sales. Furthermore, Ticktin revealed that the former counselor is afraid to leave her house due to possible harassment from Meghan’s fans.

Speaking of Scobie, Samantha’s case against her half-sister due to content written about her in his and Carolyn Durand’s Finding Freedom was dismissed in March. A judge said that the material in the biography was Meghan’s “opinion about her childhood and her relationship with her half-sibling.”

Samantha recently criticized her estranged sibling during a podcast interview, where she called Meghan “evil.”

“For her not to make it right, in my opinion, is so unbelievably [bad;] it’s like something Stephen King would write, it is evil. It is fundamentally evil — there is no other way to slice this apple. You know what? The god—- mirror is going to crack one of these [days], and I feel sorry for you when it does.”

Samantha struggles with the debilitating disease multiple sclerosis (MS), which has confined her to a wheelchair in recent years. She claims that the “humiliation and hatred” her half-sister’s words have brought to her, when combined with her illness, is a primary reason behind the monetary amount she is seeking.

“Once Meghan started to have success as an actress, she no longer had time for her older sister, Samantha, and by 2016, the two had stopped visiting, though there were no bad feelings between them, as far as Samantha knew. Unfortunately, once Meghan met and began dating Prince Harry, Meghan became hostile to Samantha, as well as her half-brother and her father, and Meghan’s relationship with Samantha became estranged,” her lawsuit states.