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Swifties can all agree that Argentina is winning big time. Kelce attended the second night of Swift’s Eras Tour in Buenos Aires, and there were multiple heart-warming moments between the couple that only existed in our “wildest dreams,” including Taylor Swift changing the lyrics to “Karma” for Travis Kelce.

Before we dive into one (of the many) viral moments from the night, let’s start from the beginning. Travis Kelce, Swift’s boyfriend who’s a tight end on the Kansas City Chiefs, flew 11 hours overnight to make Swift’s second Eras Tour show on November 10. The performance was unfortunately postponed to Sunday because of “truly chaotic” weather, per Swift’s words.

Harry Styles, Taylor Swift
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift holding hands

Instead, the couple wined and dined in a private room at Elena, a restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel in Buenos Aires, with Swift’s father Scott. There was lots of hand-holding and cheers from the crowd as Hollywood’s favorite couple exited the establishment. The following day, Swifties were pumped to see Kelce finally attend the Eras Tour as Swift’s leading man (he first went to the concert back in July 2023 before they were officially an item).

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Swifties from all over the world tuned into livestreams on Saturday evening and were treated to one of the most memorable Eras Tour shows ever. Thanks to the dedicated fans who captured pictures and videos of Kelce (you’re the real MVP), he spent the evening alongside Swift’s father in the coveted VIP tent and had an absolute blast.

Kelce joined in with the audience by cheering, “Olé olé olé olé, Taylor Taylor!” and danced to Swift’s most iconic hits. The superstar even allegedly pointed to her beau at various times throughout the night, such as when singing “you know I love the players” during “Blank Space” and “that’s my man” during “Willow.”

But perhaps one of the most special moments (other than the pair’s passionate post-show kiss which we’ll touch on later), was when Swift changed the song lyrics to “Karma” in honor of her relationship with the Super Bowl champ.

What was Travis Kelce’s reaction to Taylor Swift changing the song lyrics to “Karma?”

What was Travis Kelce’s reaction to Taylor Swift changing the song lyrics to “Karma?” Instead of singing, “Karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me,” Swift replaced the lyrics with “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.” After hearing the line, Kelce flashed a huge smile and covered his face in awe before throwing his hands up in celebration alongside Swift’s dad.

Check out Kelce’s sweet reaction in real time below.

A few moments later, another TikTok clip shared by a fan shows Swift looking toward Kelce during the show’s finale. He then blew her a kiss and waved at her before she exited the stage.

Fans then captured the moment when the lovebirds reunited after the three-hour show. When Swift spotted Kelce, the pop singer ran into his arms and gave him a kiss while fans cheered joyfully in the background. We’re still swooning.

Oh, and did we mention that one of Taylor’s surprise songs last night was Reputation’s “End Game,” where she passionately proclaimed: “I wanna be your endgame / I wanna be your first string / I wanna be your A-Team / I wanna be your endgame, endgame.”

We’re still not over it. Plus, Swift has another performance in Argentina tonight. It’s currently unknown whether Kelce will be in the audience for night three, as he might have to return to Kansas City for practice after the team’s bye week. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.