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See Sotheby’s, So-Le Studio ‘High Concept’ Line From Leather Scraps – WWD


The first look at Maria Sole Ferragamo’s guest curation for Sotheby’s Luxury Edit is finally here.

Sole Ferragamo is the founder and director of sustainable jewelry company So-Le Studio, which is the star of the exhibit. Inspired by major fashion cities, So-Le Studio’s latest capsule collection is made of leather discards and imbues high-concept designs with a Gen Z budget.

The items are made from upcycled high-quality Tuscan leather sourced from luxury leather factories. Prices range from 245 euros to 375 euros, and the jewelry (artful bangles and the like) will be sold on So-Le Studio’s website in a very limited quantity. The sale is accompanied by an auction event kicking off Sept. 5 and 6 in London, followed by New York from Sept. 8 to 12 and Paris at the end of September.

The premise for the collaboration is that Sotheby’s wants to approach the next generation of tastemakers by highlighting sustainability at a lower entry price point. Ferragamo provides this unique perspective on sustainability and luxury via her upcycled creations, and the result is high-concept designs from what would have otherwise been thrown out.

As part of the company’s sustainability factor, So-Le Studio releases only one collection a year, using existing materials and making them “precious by giving them a new life.” The brand has previously shown at places like Rossana Orlandi’s gallery.

“The collections challenge the concept of value as something related to the preciousness of the material and show how an abandoned resource can be transformed and honored,” Ferragamo said. “Due to the upcycling process, each piece is unique, celebrating beauty, longevity and innovation.”

A twisted upycled leather ring is on display for the Sotheby's latest Luxury Edit. Designs are from SO-LE Studio.

Leather recreations for Sotheby’s, So-Le Studio exhibit for The Luxury Edit.

Courtesy SO-LE Studio

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