Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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The gerrymander myth

By William A. GalstonJournalists, pundits, and some political scientists argue that gerrymandering distorts representation and gives an unearned advantage to the Republican Party,...

Democracy on the ballot — will the remaining election deniers succeed?

In the 2022 midterms a large number of election deniers ran and most of them lost. But that doesn’t mean that the threats...

Understanding what happened in the Chicago mayoral race

In Tuesday’s Chicago mayoral primary, the incumbent, Lori Lightfoot received only 17% of the vote, failed to finish in the top two, and...

Younger voters are poised to upend American politics

Political scientists and forward-looking politicians have been debating the ultimate impact of the two youngest American generations — Plurals (Gen Z) and Millennials...

If Nikki Haley is the first of many to run —...

Nikki Haley, former Governor of South Carolina and former Ambassador to the United Nations announced this week that she was running for the...
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