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Taurus Tarot Horoscopes: November 2022


My suggestion? Truly love yourself from head to toe. You can even integrate daily rituals and products that will remind you of how miraculous it is that you are here! And that you are you! Just like The Empress, you can walk around with your chin held high and your crown feeling shiny and new. Don’t deny how good it feels to celebrate each day; once this becomes your new normal, you may see your life transforming into something beyond your wildest dreams.

February 2022

The Devil: Ah, my dear Taurus. This year may feel as though it’s off to a rough and tumble start, but all of this is happening for you to finally wake up to your potential. That doesn’t need to look the same way as it does for anyone else—money, fame, success, marriage, luxury cars—but you should clearly define what a fully actualized life would look like for you, specifically. See if you’re simply following the herd when you ask for what you want. 

Imagine a life where getting what you want, connecting with the right people, and making all of the proper career decisions came easily to you. That can be your reality if you start to cut down on all of the excess noise. Get comfortable with silence and solitude this month so you can invite your inner demons to the table—ego, shame, jealousy, guilt, spitefulness—and ask them what they are trying to tell you. If you can create a relationship with your shadow, you will finally be able to keep yourself from being controlled by it. Let go of life on autopilot and start to take control of your own destiny!

January 2022

Justice: You’re fired! Or hired! Whatever the case, pack your bags and get ready to start a new chapter. This isn’t just a new month of a new year for you, Taurus. This is a total 180 from the space you were in this time last year. For most of you, you will be asked to surrender more to the ebbs and flows of the universe. Trying to plan your life out without a guarantee not only wastes your time, but your energy as well. Let yourself get excited about surprises, as I see many of them coming your way throughout the year.

For the month of January, there is potential for documents to be signed (a new home, a job, the creation or dissolution of a marriage, or finishing up a lawsuit of some sort). I see this going in your favor, even if it looks bleak now. Haven’t you heard of spontaneous recovery? It doesn’t just happen with illness of the body, but illness of the heart and mind too! You are changing your entire life around in 2022 for the better.

If you dim your light in order to make other people more comfortable, that will end this month. I sense some of you getting into your feminine energy, regardless of gender. This is the energy of creativity, chaos, receiving, and pleasure. How can you embody these elements on a daily basis? Sing a little louder, dance a little wilder, paint without needing an outline, refurbish your space, change up your hair, start a new workout that you actually enjoy! I also see many of you sharing your insight with others who were in the same position that you were a handful of years ago. You didn’t think the universe subjected you to all of that for nothing, did you? Make 2022 your best year yet by starting it off on the right foot in January. One step in the right direction is better than none.

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