Taylor Swift Fans Think the Actors Cast in Her ‘All Too Well’ Film Relate to Jake Gyllenhaal


    Taylor Swift Fans Think the Actors Cast in Her ‘All Too Well’ Film Relate to Jake Gyllenhaal

    Taylor Swift rarely does anything without a hidden message—and fans are convinced her latest Easter egg lies in the casting of her “All Too Well” short film.

    In preparation for the November 12 release of her rerecorded album Red (Taylor’s Version), Swift announced she’d be dropping a short film for the 10-minute version of her song “All Too Well.” The film, which she also directed, goes live 7 p.m. E.T. on November 12, and it stars actors Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. 

    It’s been a long-held belief that “All Too Well” is about Swift’s ex-boyfriend actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The pair dated briefly in 2010, when Swift was just 19 years old and Gyllenhaal was 28. By the time of their reported breakup, she was 20 and he was 29. 

    When Swift first dropped the short film’s teaser, fans were quick to point out just how much younger Sink is than O’Brien. In fact, the Stranger Things star is the same age Taylor Swift was back in 2010, while the Teen Wolf actor is 30 years old. Although Sink is a legal adult, the difference is definitely cringe-inducing—and fans think that was Swift’s whole point. 

    “Dylan O’Brien being 30 years old and Sadie Sink being 19 = almost the same age Jake and Taylor were when they dated,” one fan tweeted. “Oh she knows what she’s doing EVERYTHING is intentional.”

    Another Twitter user wrote, “I know that it’s acting but 30 vs 19 is giving me the ick.” To this, someone else replied, “That’s the point.” 

    On November 5, another fan tweeted, “Taylor really made the age gap between Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien the same as her and Jake Gyllenhaal, Jake is truly never getting a break ever.” 

    One account even joked about Gyllenhaal’s controversial statements about bathing, tweeting, “Dylan O’Brien reveals he didn’t shower for a month to prepare for the ‘All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)’ music video.”

    This is not the first time Gyllenhaal has faced the wrath of Swifties since the original release of “All Too Well.” Just last year, in September 2020, the Guilty actor was flooded with “All Too Well”–related comments over an Instagram throwback.

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