Teri Ijeoma Shares How She Sold $14 Million in Online Courses, and How You Can Start Too


    Teri Ijeoma Shares How She Offered $14 Million in Online Courses, and How You Can Start Too

    < img src=" https://worldbroadcastnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/e8wmST.jpg" class =" ff-og-image-inserted" > Discover how to effectively establish and market your online course.

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    Teri Ijeoma didn’t wish to be an online course creator. She began as an assistant principal before quitting her job due to her employer micromanaging, which consisted of complaining about which thumbtacks she utilized in her space! She then decided to attempt her luck a trading stock to earn a living, which soon changed and went beyond the quantity she was making at her 9-5. After many individuals reached out totally free suggestions, Teri began charging for her guidance.Although she initially led workshops, Teri soon discovered selling online courses through Teachable -an online platform that allows you to develop ans sell courses- was a faster method to scale. 3 years and$ 14 million dollars later, she’s Teachable’s most effective course developer, and she’ll share some of her ideas with you in this interview.During this discussion loaded with tactic-level assistance, Teri offers input on: How to identify the topic of your course Best practices for scaling through partnerships Why you need to end up being a CEO and a course developer Tips for pushing through self limiting beliefs How to boldly charge your true

  • value, so you can scale your revenue See the video for all these pointers and more!To discover more about Teri- and possibly pick up some stock pointers- be sure to take a look at her website, enjoy her YouTube videos and follow

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